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Making Your Wedding Reception That Extra Bit Special

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We all hope to have a perfect wedding reception. After all, we have gone through the ceremony, and it’s now time to wow the guests with delicious food, beautiful surroundings, and excellent entertainment. But it’s easy to end up with a copycat wedding to everyone else’s when it comes to sorting out your reception. In fact, a lot of brides to be struggle to make their own wedding reception unique and memorable. But it doesn’t take a lot to give it that touch of sparkle. In fact, here are some ways you can make your wedding reception that extra bit special.

Unique seating

It’s easy to fall into traditional when it comes to your wedding reception seating. After all, the round tables are commonly used for when you consume the wedding breakfast. But while they are useful for fitting a large amount of people in the room, they don’t make the day extra special. In fact, they are so commonly used that it can make your day feel like everyone else’s wedding. Therefore, you should opt for unique seating to have something a little different for your big day. For one thing, you might want to go for a table for just you and your hubby to be. Get rid of the long table which generally contains all your family and wedding party and just use a heart shaped table for you both. It gives you both a break from family small talk, and it will look fabulous in the room. You might also prefer to go for long and winding wedding tables for your wedding. These are perfect to give your reception a touch of fairy-tale magic.


As much as it can be convenient to have your wedding close to road links, it can make your day feel less special if you are in the heart of the city. After all, it can be off-putting if you can hear traffic during the wedding speeches. And if you are close to neighborhoods, it can often limit you when it comes to music during the evening. Therefore, to make your day extra special, you want a wedding venue which offers seclusion. In fact, you want a venue which is situated in the heart of a large amount of land. That way, you will feel in a wedding bubble with nothing around you. And with acres of land, it can offer a lot better wedding photos too. After all, you will have plenty of space to take some amazing pictures outside of your venue. And people will feel happy to wander around in the evening if the music is not to their tastes.


Fun entertainment

A lot of people go for a disco or a band to entertain their guests in the evening. After all, it ensures everyone can unwind and have a fantastic time. And it enables you and your new hubby to let your hair down too with your nearest and dearest. But with everyone choosing a disco, it can leave people underwhelmed. Therefore, if you want to make your wedding reception that extra bit special, you should consider putting on some fun entertainment. For example, you might want to opt for a dance performance which all the guests can watch. It will be great for kids and adults alike to watch before the disco begins. And you might want to go for some inflatable toys and even a bouncy castle for the kids. After all, it gives the parents a break for an hour or so. Also, some couples are opting for a casino now to ensure their guests are well entertained. After all, a blackjack table and a roulette game can certainly keep people busy. Therefore, go the extra mile to make your day special.

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Creative food

Couples tend to go for a traditional three-course meal for everyone to enjoy during the reception. But if you want to make your wedding a bit special, you should be a bit more creative with the food. Opt for a unique cuisine to impress your guests. For example, a Chinese or Indian buffet would be great to tickle your guest’s taste buds. And it means there will be something for everyone to try. Or you might even want to opt for a BBQ in the grounds of your venue. After all, everyone can enjoy the sun, and they will get a choice of meat and veg when it comes to dining. You could always go for a dessert station too. After all, it will get everyone a choice, and they will remember your day for the wealth of tasty dessert options.

And try and make your day feel spontaneous. After all, if it’s rigid to a schedule, it can make your day less intimate and special!

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