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Marrying Two Households: I Do’s & I Don’ts Of Blending Your Furnishings

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 I Do's & I Don'ts Of Blending Your Furnishings - get inspired at diyweddingsmag.com

Recently, the rush to the altar has slowed to a crawl. According to Knot Yet, a 2013 National Marriage Project report, the average age for a woman getting married is now 27. For men, the number is 29. These figures are at historic heights and climbing, with many men and women waiting until their 30s to get married. If you are part of this trend, it’s more than likely that both you and your fiance have accumulated two whole households’ worth of furnishings over the years. Even more likely is the fact that your styles are different and you’ll face a few issues when the time comes to merge everything into one household. Here are a few tips for a smooth transition:

Where to Start

Learn to compromise and keep calm: this is going to be key during the household blending process. In fact, it’s a great first step toward learning how to live the married life. Start by deciding which pieces are most important to each of you. During this time, both parties need to be judicious with how they word things. Belittling or making fun of a personal item that you or your significant other really loves can cut deeper than you mean to and may actually be taken as a criticism of the person as a whole. So be wise and avoid rude remarks.

Think Outside the Box

There will always be a few items that one person loves and the other one despises. But if you work together, you may be able to incorporate those pieces into your new household. That love sack your spouse wants to keep, for instance, doesn’t have to remain a living room piece. Instead, throw it into a spare bedroom for guests to use.

Separate But Equal

If you will be moving into a big enough residence, consider giving each person a special space. For some, it might be the man cave, where all the sports paraphernalia and the keg can go. While for others, it might be a room filled with sentimental tokens from vacation spots from all around the world.

Binding Pieces

Your new home will also need pieces that will bind together your two households, so go shopping as a couple and look for items that will help blend the furnishings you already own. For example, an artsy round, black metal wall mirror has features that could tie in your fiance’s contemporary furnishings with your shabby chic pieces.

Get Rid of the Excess

Once you’ve chosen the items you want to keep, it’s time to get rid of the extras. Craigslist is a great place to either sell or give away items that you no longer need, and Cozi also recommends offering your giveaways on Freecycle. For collectibles, you might want to try listing them on Ebay. And, of course, a good old-fashioned garage sale is always an easy way to make a little cash while getting rid of those things you no longer need.


Guest Blogger: Jack Lowery. Jack is a stay-at-home dad to two boys. When he’s not coaching Little League or experimenting in the kitchen, he writes about parenting, DIY and relationships for a number of blogs.

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