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Mother Of The Bride Outfit Shopping Tips

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Mother of the Bride OutfitFor the mother of the bride, her daughter´s wedding day is extremely special. Getting her outfit right is every bit as important as it is for the bride and groom, which is why we have put together this shopping tips post.

Prioritise shopping for her outfit

The first tip is to start shopping early. Often, the mother of the bride is heavily involved in helping her daughter to organise her wedding. As a result, it is all too easy for her to end up trying to find an outfit at the last minute.

This needs to be avoided at all costs. The mother of the bride must not compromise on her outfit.

It needs to suit her, fit perfectly and be in keeping with the theme of the wedding. Therefore, she has to have enough time to find the items of clothing she needs, try it all on together, and get any adjustments made. Ideally, she should start looking three months before the big day, and aim to have bought everything about a month before the wedding.

An outfit that complements the theme

Ideally, the mother of the bride´s outfit needs to complement the way the bride and groom are dressed. This is particularly important if your wedding is a themed one.

Before your mum goes shopping, take the time to sit down with her and go over the theme of the wedding. Use photos and samples to provide visual cues, which will help her to find clothes that complement the look and feel of your special day. One approach is for your mum to take her cue from the bridesmaid outfits, and buy a colour that complements what they are wearing.

Be prepared to spend

Understandably, an awful lot of women struggle with the idea of spending hundreds on an outfit that they will only wear once. As a result, some of them end up wearing something that they are not 100% comfortable with.

Often, when the photos arrive they are disappointed with the way they look in them. Therefore, it is important to get things in perspective before you go shopping. It really is vital that you get your outfit right, which will often mean that you have to spend quite a bit of money. It is better to save up the money and buy what you want, rather than settle. Sometimes, you can get some of your money back by selling your outfit once you have worn it.

Keep it simple

It is very important that everyone´s eyes be on the couple. Therefore, the mother of the bride´s outfit should not be too elaborate. You can see styles here that work well for the mother of the bride. They are glamorous, elegant and cut in a way that flatters the older woman.

Accessorise carefully

The way the mother of the bride finishes off her outfit is important. There is no harm in borrowing expensive accessories like jewellery, hats and clutches. However, you should be 100% sure that they are right for your outfit. There is no point spending hours looking for the perfect dress and shoes only to spoil things by wearing a hat that does not quite match.

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