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Nail The Perfect Wedding Look

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Though often a subtle touch, many brides do concentrate some energy on what their nails will look like on their big day. If you want to visit a salon with your bridesmaids, or if you want to do your nails yourself, there are many options that can come of both great scenarios. Whether you want your nails to stand out or blend in, incorporate your theme or not, there are many ways to get a bridal friendly look.

Photo by Caitlin Childs via Flickr.
By painting your nails yourself, you will save money and time that would otherwise be spent at a salon. Photo by Caitlin Childs via Flickr.

DIY Solid Color Creations
If you’ve never been the nail salon type, don’t worry, you can still have your nails incorporated into your day. Nail polish is inexpensive, and comes in so many shades you are bound to find one that matches your theme and preference. Additionally, this is a great way to get your bridesmaids involved in the festivities. Have a nail painting night the night before the nuptials, to make it a fun activity instead of a to-do list task. If you don’t want to do your own nails, but don’t want to go to the salon, have a gal pal do the painting while you sit back and relax. Also, doing your own nails with a solid color provides a classic, understated look, if you don’t want your nails to be over-the-top for the big day.

Photo by Sandra Newsome via Flickr.
Gold glitter gets the party started! Photo by Sandra Newsome via Flickr.

Go Crazy With Glitter
Don’t want to be plain, but not ready to go over the top? Hints of glitter either on the tips or covering a base coat can do wonders for your nails. Glitter looks great in lights, and adding it to your nails provides just enough sparkle without taking over. Glitter is another add-on that can easily be done DIY. You can buy glitter enhanced nail polish, or pourable glitter in a tube to sprinkle over a colored or base coat, and both ways are inexpensive. If you opt to go to a salon, the nail artists there can do even more sophisticated looks with glitter that will make you a diva in a wedding dress.

Even nails want to be included in the wedding. Make it happen with cute wedding themed designs like this! Photo:
Even nails want to be included in the wedding. Make it happen with cute wedding themed designs like this! Photo:

Bridal Bliss
Really want to get into the bridal theme? Nail artists all over the web have come up with awesome ways to dress up your nails – literally. Paint on those tuxedos and gowns and you’ll be set for the big day! This would work awesomely for attendees, personal attendants, and bridal party members, if you yourself are going for a more refined look. DIY or bring a picture to your nail salon for inspiration and make your nails your canvas.  Want to get this look? Check out the tutorial.

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr.
French tips allow for limited attention to be drawn to nails while still making them look fabulous. Photo by Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr.

The Forever Fashionable French
A classic staple chosen by many brides is the French manicure. There are tons of DIY French manicure kits on the market, and this style can also be relatively inexpensive at a nail salon. And, because you can get the French style with acrylics, gel manicures, or your natural nails, there is even variety in this everlasting look. The French manicure’s widely known white tips are forever classic and easy to manage, which is appealing for both nail aficionados and newbies alike.

Photo by Madjennsy via Flickr.
Combining the classic look of french tips with the studs of non-traditional nail art can create the perfect concoction of nail bliss. Photo by Madjennsy via Flickr.

A French Tip Twist
Are you drawn to the French manicure, but also want your bridal nails to be fashion-forward? Ask your nail artist to add some simple silver or pearl jewels to your nails, or, like in this picture, add a little more bling if desired. There are also many ways to adjust the classic-lined French tip, just ask your nail artist for ideas on how to change it up. You can go for the curtain effect, as shown above, or can get a whispy white line across the edge of your nails, to add some uniqueness. This look is great because it allows you to subtly incorporate your blinged-out side without having your nails take away from the rest of your ensemble.

Create your own looks, or go on Pinterest for inspiration. No matter what route you choose, your nails can enhance your already gorgeous wedding day look.


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