Online Resources For The Do-It-Yourself Bride

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Wedding Venue - see more inspiraiton at diyweddingsmag.com

When you’re a bride looking to plan a wedding on your own, save a few bucks and work out all the details for your fairytale day… it can get a bit overwhelming. From loads of Pinterest boards to thousands of wedding blogs and magazines the inundation of information is frightening.

DIY brides today conduct a lot of their research online and the resources in this list are some of the best for planning your nuptials. From start to finish we outline great resources available online.

Invitations & Save-the-Dates

DIY Weddings Mag “Save the Dates”

As a reader of DIY Weddings Mag you certainly agree that there are a ton of resources available within this site alone. The link above shows you a few of the recent posts on save-the-dates along with ideas that are super unique and memorable.

Ink Technologies “Wedding Guide for Printing Invitations, Cards, Photos and More

Not only does this post give you info about save-the-date cards and printing them yourself, it also has information about templates you can use for free, wedding invitation ideas, thank you card templates, and all things printable for your wedding day.

Wedding Print Ideas on Pinterest

With so many sayings, quotes, chalk boards and framed prints to choose from Pinterest is a must to help you decide what speaks to you. This wedding print ideas page offers 27 pins and a ton of ideas to help you plan.


Location Ideas

Determining the best venue for your wedding depends on quite a few things: budget, where you live, how unique you want your special day and of course the weather. Here is a list of some pretty cool articles we discovered that can help you out:


Food & Drink

Sometimes the most costly part of a wedding is feeding and accommodating beverages for your guests. And what about all the options? These resources can help….

Delish.com’s Wedding Food & Beverage Ideas

A plethora of information is provided on Delish’s site with article such as “11 New Wedding Food Trends to Embrace”, “23 Astounding Groom’s Cakes” and “Caterers’ Picks: Best Wedding Food”.

Cute Wedding Food Ideas on Pinterest

From name card ideas and cake pops, to alcoholic drinks and wedding topper ideas, this Pinterest board with almost 200 pins provides unique food and drink ideas.

MoneyCrasher.com’s “23 Cheap Wedding Reception Food & Drink Menu Ideas on a Budget

If you’re not looking to splurge on food and drink at your reception, check out this article with tips to save some cash and still entertain guests.

Wedding Dress & Brides Maid Dresses

If you’re the talented type that is planning to make her own wedding dress, check out a few of these DIY resources to get you started.



Have a resource list that helped you out? Add to the comments below and share with other DIY brides

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