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Outdoor Weddings: Christy & David | LifePoint Church’s Areas, FL

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From the Bride:

How did he pop the question?
He took me to see the harvest moon rise on September 10, 2014 at “our” beach (where he kissed me for the very first time, we’d called it ours ever since). We’d talked about going so it wasn’t a surprise to me and I was rushing him to try to get there in time. The moon was still below the horizon and we sat talking. He began to tell me all about how he loved me, I was in a silly mood so I teased and made jokes. He said, “You have no idea how much I love you.” And I said, “Well, then tell me!” So he did. And as he did I realized he was not silly or joking. As he spoke such sweet and loving words he propped himself up and in the next moment there was a box, a question, a beautiful ring with a tiny light shining down on it to be seen in the dark, tears, laughter “yes, yes, yes, yes!!”, more tears, kisses. We laughed and cried I got up jumped and twirled and he did with me as the moon rose big and beautiful before us. The ring was custom designed by David with jeweler Mickey Dalal, London Blue topaz with peridot accents in a channeled filigree band.

What was your favorite moment(s) from the wedding?
There are 2 moments that are extra special from that day. 3 days before the wedding my Dad was rushed by ambulance from my house to the emergency room with internal bleeding and nearly died. This was terrifying especially as he had no health issues. By the day before the wedding they had found the problem, did a procedure to try to fix it and had given him several blood transfusions. We arranged with the hospital to use the chapel if he was not able to leave the hospital for the wedding, but the morning of, just a couple hours before the wedding was to start they cleared him and released him. He was pale and weak, but he was there! He walked me down the aisle. Because the aisle was so long I didn’t want him to walk the entire distance so my brother rode with me in the car and walked me half way where my father took me the rest of the way to my mother who was waiting at the end. They both gave me away. Having my father their after all he’d been through that week was an incredible gift. I would never have thought to have my whole family give me away, but having my brother, father and mother involved was so precious to me that I am so grateful it worked out that way.

My grandparents are in their late 90’s, my grandfather turned 99 only 4 days after our wedding. Having them there was not only a beautiful blessing, but a great honor. They have been married for 75 years and to have a marriage like that to emulate mine after is a priceless gift. So, at my wedding I wanted them to have a place, to be honored. My grandmother was a seamstress and a few years ago she gave me her machine and all her fabrics, my grandfather was a writer and loves word search puzzles. So, we did little things to quietly honor them. The table runners were made of her old fabrics, I made a giant canvas word search for the reception, and my bouquet was made from scraps of her fabrics in gem tones. I wrote a letter to them thanking them for their marriage, their example, their truly unconditional love. I thanked them for the times the flirted and bickered, for raising their kids and being there for all of us grandkids and great-grandkids. I thanked them for showing me with their lives what it really meant to be there in sickness and in health, for better or for worse. I told them I wanted to be like them and that I loved them. I told them that the legacy they had created in this family was amazing and beautiful. And then I had the letter translated to Spanish so I could tell them all these things in their mother-tongue.

Special details:
My Aunt made my veil and my bouquet was made of scraps of my grandmother’s old fabrics. My jewelry was handmade by a widow in Albania and brought over by another Aunt who came to the US for our wedding.





Photographer:   Ina Pandora Photography

Wedding & Reception: LifePoint Church’s Area  |  Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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