Picking Your Honeymoon Destination

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Planning a wedding can be difficult and stressful as well as fun and exciting. Food, decorations and the order of events at the wedding ceremony and reception can fill endless days and nights, and lead to some tough decisions. And then you realize it: you still have to plan the ultimate honeymoon getaway.

Planning a honeymoon can be as time-intensive as planning a wedding, so take it one step at a time. It doesn’t have to be too complicated. You can find the honeymoon that you have always wanted, whether it’s an exotic cruise or a short road trip to take it easy after the big wedding.

Making It All Work

A few of your questions will go hand in hand. For example, if you’re choosing a foreign destination for the honeymoon, you should also get short term medical insurance and approach the subjects together. Don’t be afraid to ask and/or find valuable assistance to come to a sound decision.

Remember that you want your honeymoon to be be an amazing time in your lives, and you want to begin your marriage on the right foot with a wonderful trip. Don’t overthink it or become too immersed in the small details. On your wedding day, and on your honeymoon, you’ll be focused on more important things.

Get Inspired

Every good plan and course of action comes from a single idea. A cool save-the-date magnet or a fun candy for reception favors sparks a nice finishing touch for the wedding. Similarly, start asking yourself questions concerning the honeymoon in question:

  • Is there an obvious choice? If you’ve both been dreaming about Rome since you became a couple, don’t make things complicated; proceed to the other questions that can narrow down your choices.
  • Identify your priorities and must-haves: beaches, nightlife, certain types of attractions, and cultural sights are a good start.
  • Start looking around! Planning a honeymoon may take some web surfing. Don’t be afraid to go out and look at your options, as something may “jump out” at you.

Start the Planning Process

Before you get your heart set on one destination, remember it’s wise to have options and back-up destinations. Think of planning a honeymoon like buying a car. After all, once you see the “interior” of a cruise ship or the lack of entertainment options at a resort, your fondness may subside. Of course, you can’t forget about considering cost in this conversation as well.

Arm yourself with valuable resources to make the planning process go smoothly. Discount travel sites, name-your-price sites and other resources devoted to honeymoon planning can help you save money. If you wish, you could always go the old-fashioned route and visit a travel planner.

In order to save future and potential headaches and heartaches, take these steps to make sure you’re organized:

  • Keep track of flight confirmation numbers and hotel information. As an added tip, consider how to store them for quick and easy access, such as in your smartphone with an app like Evernote or Springpad.
  • Itemize receipts, payments, deposits and so on. Yes, you should be doing this for the wedding as well.
  • Use common sense when traveling. From immunization shots, passports and a realistic sightseeing schedule, brainstorm on the little things that can be taken care of beforehand. It will allow you to enjoy your honeymoon without the distractions.

If you follow these tips and plan in advance your wedding should flow smoothly and you and your significant other can relax and bond on the honeymoon.

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