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How To Prepare Your Daughter To Be A Perfect Flower Girl

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Prepare Your Daughter To Be A Perfect Flower Girl

There is no wedding that can go without having a flower girl going and throwing flowers down the aisle. However, flower girls can be a reminder for the guests how small children grow up fast. On the other hand, flower girls also represent purity and the virtue of stepping into holy matrimony.However, if the flower girls are not happy, you will have a tantrum and crankiness at your hand to deal with. In order to have one of the highlights of the wedding happy and satisfied, it is best to make sure that the flower girl feels special just as the bride.


If your girl gets picked to be the flower girl, first of all, try to explain what it means and what the responsibility are. After you make sure that your little girl understands, then it is time to explain what she will have to do at the wedding. It is a good idea to also tell your little girl that she will be very important at the wedding as well.

Finding the best flower girl gown is going to take some time, but make sure that when you find something that both you and your daughter like that it is easy to put on and to take off. It goes without question that you will have to find a dress that is cute. But make sure that it is also comfortable and convenient for your daughter; otherwise you will have to deal with a cranky flower girl.

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Practice For The Wedding

Make sure your daughter is at all the practices for the wedding, this will take the mystery out of what is expected of her as the flower girl.  Make sure that she is having fun at the practice and at the wedding as well, otherwise it will be a catastrophe. It is important to make it seem like a game, and that way you will have your daughter’s attention.

Make sure to choose the right one from all the flower girl baskets available (or you can DIY), especially something that your daughter might enjoy carrying and will not be too harsh for her little hands. Moreover, explain to her that when she is throwing the flowers down the aisle, she should make sure to have an even distribution, and encourage her that she is going to be able to do it.

Wedding Time

If you have a younger daughter, then make sure that the wedding is not going to be too late in the afternoon because your little girl might miss her afternoon nap, and that could make her cranky. Of course all of that depends on the young couple, but explain to them that little flower girls are not that easy to deal with unless they are happy.

Prepare toys for your flower girl to take her mind off the flower girl duties until it is her cue to perform. The calmer and happier she is, the less trouble you will have when she goes down the aisle throwing flowers. Remember to make sure that your daughter is having fun and then you will not have any problems at the wedding.

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