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How to Preserve Your Most Prized Possession – Your Wedding Dress

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Your wedding dress is definitely your most prized possessions. It is symbolic of the happiest day in your life when you got married to your beloved. It would therefore be all the more relevant and justified too to take good care to preserve your wedding costume (of course, one should not miss out on the whopping amount you must have spent on getting one!). Even if you have to spend some money to preserve it, you should do it for you would want to have this till eternity with you.

Apt Planning:  The longevity of your wedding gown is based heavily upon the kind of care, time and money you have put in its maintenance. Therefore, you need to come up with the right kind of planning to save your dress for a long time to come. You must be wondering what kind of planning you need to do!  As the garment is something special, you cannot just wash it like you do your normal stuff. The cost of course varies but one should understand that the entire maintenance process is an intricate one and a lax approach here and there will mean lesser longevity of the expensive wedding dress.

Well, why should you clean your wedding dress in the first place?

You will agree that your wedding day was one of the most hectic days you had ever spent in your life so far. Even though you did not work much on that day, even if you just stood and greeted people, you would have definitely perspired. There must have been a lot of fine dust that would have got collected as you were in it for long number of hours. The dress must have collected some dirt when the ceremony was on and you walked down the aisle. There must have been something that fell on your dress without your notice and you need to attend to it right away. Otherwise it may leave an adamant mark on the dress, spoiling the entire look. Cleaning your wedding dress is of utmost importance if you wish to preserve it for a long time. To avoid permanent staining on the silk or satin material, you first have to dry clean it and then store it.

Close Examination Crucial

Before the cleaning process kick starts, it has to be given a thorough scrutiny to identify all the repairs that need to be set right. This is the time when you can identify if there are any beads missing or there is any kind of damage caused in the hemline. Once these are fixed, it can move to the cleaning segment.

Choose a professional service provider  

There may be many in the fray who would claim to give impeccable services but you need to do your verification before handing your most expensive and most prized possession in their hands. Probably your friends who have already used the dry cleaner’s services can help. You should ensure that the dry cleaner has the appropriate equipment to do the job.

Where to preserve…in a bag or in a box?  

Your wedding dress now looks absolutely new, pristine and crisp. After having spent so much on its maintenance, you definitely do not want it to get soiled again. So, decide whether you wish to preserve it in a box or in a bag. Well, I feel a bag wouldn’t be an ideal solution as the folds may not stay perfect and there is every chance that they may get crumbled, tossed and turned while handling other dresses.

The wedding gown can best be preserved in a box. Get the gown wrapped in a tissue paper that is acid free and fit it into the box. The dress can lie there absolutely stress free from the weight of other things piled on it or hanging around it. If you have decided to hang the dress while you are storing it, you should ensure that you have wrapped it up in an appropriate garment bag that is acid free and breathable too. There are many a plastic garment bags available in which you can store them, but when you have a long term perspective, you better choose the breathable garment bag.

The overall cost of preserving your wedding gown may be high, but you can be assured of the fact that it is intact and in absolutely scar-free and dust-free. This one time investment will help you keep the expensive one for a longer time. But shop around and gather details of how best you can preserve it from different sources and then do accordingly!

You wouldn’t definitely want to trade your wedding attires for anything in life, isn’t it!

Author Bio: Adi Silver is content strategist at Leelach.com which is biggest web shop for jewish head covering. He has written many articles about fashion, wedding and much more.


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