Destination Wedding

Pros And Cons of Destination Weddings

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diyweddingsmagcom-shutterstock_294464198-5746cf2f3a15eIf you are planning your big day, and you are considering having it somewhere far away – you need to know all the benefits and disadvantages of it to make an informed decision. There are some cool things worth doing, but there also are some downfalls too. Bellow you will find a few basic pros and cons of a destination wedding. Read it and decide whether or not it works for you. No matter what you choose, I still believe that your biggest day of your life will rock!

diyweddingsmagcom-shutterstock_371630062-5746cf2e70616Let’s start with pros, because it is much funnier.

  1. You will be pampered with a full package. Usually, then do plan your destination wedding you book a hotel in which you have your ceremony, you can party all night and crash in the same place. So – destination wedding is a package deal that is perfect for everyone who doesn’t like choosing a few different places to have your wedding. And you will save tons of time. Also, in that package deal, many hotels and resorts will offer the complimentary services like of wedding consultant, caterer, florists and so on who will help you coordinate all of the ceremony essentials. So – you will get rest, rather than worry about all the small stuff before the big day.
  2. If you have a destination wedding, you will avoid all the people you don’t want to invite, but you have then you do it at home. With a smaller invitation list, you will avoid feeling forced to ask the aunt you don’t really wish on having there or other relatives who just have to be invited. If you choose to have a destination wedding, you will have only the closest friends and family members, and that will be a perfect solution for all!
  3. You can combine your wedding and honeymoon location too! Just after the ceremony then everybody you invited leaves, stay and have your perfect honeymoon vacation! And it will cost you a lot less since you are going to buy only one pair of tickets.


Now let’s head to some cons you can’t miss.

  1. Some of the family member or friends cannot be able to afford into your wedding location. And so, you are taking a risk of not having that beloved person on your most important day. The best way to avoid that is to talk to your closest friends and family member and discuss whether or not they can afford to travel there. After that – make a decision where you want to get married. Or, you can pay! Either a plane ticket or hotel room or both if you can and pamper your beloved ones even better. Sure, it might increase your budget, but to avoid that, there are always a ton of online coupons and promo codes on Chameleonjohn you can use as well.
  2. You can also have a lot of difficulties trying to get your marriage license there and after that to make it legal back at home. If your wedding is going to be in a foreign country or another state, you might face a few complications when trying to get a marriage license. It might take a while for you to get all the document needed to make the ceremony legal, and therefore you should be very patient. So keep this in mind and look for an institution to help you out with these legal affairs.
  3. At a destination wedding, you can face difficulties to find a perfect photographer, caterer or a florist. Since you can’t take these people with you to your wedding destination from home, you might get some difficulties to find real professional ones there. To avoid that – check tourist boards that might use a special program for people who wish to get married abroad. That might help you out a little bit too. Or, as mentioned, some resorts or hotels might provide you with these included in the wedding package deal.

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