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Real Weddings: Alyssa & Justin | Imogen Theatre | Milton, FL

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{Featured in Vol. 23}

Photographer:   Heather Bode

Event Venue: Imogene Theatre//Submitted via Two Bright Lights



It was important for Justin and I to have an intimate, yet unique, setting and feel for our wedding.  From having the ceremony start at 6 am as the sun rose behind us along the river, to the casual stroll to our reception which was only a block away in a historic theatre with a warm feel and loads of character.  Alyssa, being a country girl, wanted a southern charm theme.  From branded tree slabs with our initials to the mason jars filled with wild flowers that Alyssa put together herself.


Just about everything was our favorite due to our personal touches such as the brides bouquet being made by the groom and the wood slab cupcake tier that the brother of the bride made.  However, our absolute favorite was our Unity Ceremony.  Justin and I wrote our vows on small scrolls and read from them at the wedding.  Then we rolled them up and placed them in a tall bottle.  Attached to the bottle were three ropes; White for the bride, grey for the groom, and yellow for God.  Together, we braided the rope as our officiant explained the significance of the ropes and that the marriage could only work with the three together.  The bottle was sealed with the end of the rope.


We had planned a full day of events that allowed our guests of all ages to participate in whatever was most accommodating to them.  Starting off with our sunrise wedding, breakfast reception, picnic lunch at a nearby park with a lake for swimming, and cocktails/dancing downtown in the evening.  Therefore, we really can’t just pick one moment.  The entire day was memorable for Justin and I, as well as our guests who raved about how unique our wedding was.

Several things were free such as the public venue on the boardwalk and wooden pallets that were used as signs for the wedding ceremony/reception. Instead of hiring a DJ, the Bride and Groom made a playlist for the wedding on the Brides phone. Another aspect of the wedding that came to no cost for the Bride and Groom was the gift from the Maid of Honor who made the personal wedding cake for the Bride & Groom and cupcakes for the guests

It is important to research your theme and explore all of your options. Most of the time what you want for your wedding can easily be done for a lot less or is offered at a lower price whether you use a groupon/coupon/or even talk with a vendor. Also, time/day has a lot to do with the price of everything for a wedding. By having a morning wedding, we cut the cost of just about everything including the reception venue to food/alcohol compared to an evening wedding. Do not overbuy, we were left with a lot of leftover food and alcohol. Thankfully, a majority of the alcohol we were able to return due to using a local liquor store. As for flowers, if you make your centerpieces yourself, it will cut your flower cost way down. A florists will only charge you for the flowers and not for a design/arrangement fee.


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