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Real Weddings: Casey & Barry – Private Residence, West Virgina

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{Featured in Vol 18}
Photographer:  Brittany Anderson Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


What inspired your wedding theme?
Casey inspired the entire theme and Barry was amazed at the final product. We both love the outdoors and Oral Lake was a natural choice. We wanted to be married outside and she made it happen. We had a classy, but laid back environment in the Oral Lake Clubhouse. There was elegance galore. The burlap and lace complemented the ensemble perfectly and the gray dresses for the girls with the gray suits of the guys fit perfectly with the surroundings.
What inspired your wedding color palette?
The surroundings of the environment and Casey’s natural eye inspired the color palette . The grays and neutral control theme fit perfectly with the spring greens of the surroundings and blue waters of the lake. The neutral colors also fit in absolutely perfectly with the lighting and internal surrounding of the clubhouse.

What was special about where you got married?
Oral Lake Fishing Club has been a staple in Casey’s life since she was a little girl. Her family spent many a summer day and evening swimming, fishing and relaxing at the lake. Being there for Barry meant being part of the family unit that he was always longing for. It is a special place not only to Casey, but Barry and his children as well now.

What do-it-yourself projects did you do?
Casey did everything herself with the help of her mother and close friends of the family. Casey’s father hand built the altar and the doors her and her father walked through. All the decorations, set up and extras were designed by Casey through her amazing artistic eye and hard work, she made it the most beautiful wedding imaginable.


Take time for just yourself and your future husband before the big day. As the day gets nearer and nearer, nerves and anxiety can get the best of you. Go away for a weekend beforehand just the two of you and not think about anything but each other. Get back to why you are getting married in the first place. Never lose sight of the love that the two of you share and the upcoming adventures of life after the wedding will hold for the two of you. Keep in mind that the big day is that, a day…you have the rest of your lives to build on that love, raise babies, and grow old together with your soul-mate. Never lose track of the love and what is important, not for one second.


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