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Real Weddings: Jessie & Justin | Panama City Beach, FL

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{Featured in Vol. 19}
Photographer:  Holly Gardner Photography
Event Venue:Corona Del Mar (beach house)//Floral Designer:Events by Nouveau Flowers//Makeup Artist: Powder & Panit//Hair Stylist:Project: Style Salon//Officiant: Tillman Media//via Two Bright Lights



How did you two meet?
Justin & I met in high school in the town where we are both originally from. He was a senior and I was a freshman. Justin was really big into music back then. I remember seeing him in the hallway after class and telling him that I had one of his songs on his phone. That was the first time we ever spoke. We would bump into each other here and there around town but it wasn’t until he added me on Myspace in 2008 when we started talking.

How long was your engagement?
Justin proposed on February 6, 2013 and we were married on May 31, 2014. 1 year and almost 4 months. It seemed like kind of a long engagement when we set the date, but looking back I am glad we took our time. It helped us save money and for us to decide on exactly what we wanted.

What inspired your wedding theme?
When we decided to have a beach wedding, I knew for sure that I didn’t want your typical “star fish, sand, and shells” theme. I wanted something that went with the beach theme but something different. One of my favorite bible verses is Hebrews 6:19 “Hope is an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Anchors were beachy, and they had a meaning behind them, so when I found some wooden anchors at Hobby Lobby – I went nuts! I bought what they had and ordered the rest. It was missing just one thing – pearls. Pearls would be perfect! They are from the ocean and are classy. I used pearls in the decorations, my jewelry, my bridesmaids jewelry, the mothers & grandmothers gifts, and I even had the preacher that married us tie the two themes into the message that he gave us before the actual vows. It all tied together.

What inspired your wedding color palette?
This was very tough for me. I love all colors! I went back and forth about color scheme’s over and over and over. I was searching on Pinterest one night when I came across a picture of bridesmaids wearing the same dress but all different colors. They were all beautiful pastel colors. I knew they would look great on the beach & I could have multiple colors.

What was special about where you got married?
Really, there was nothing special about the location of where we got married. What we loved about it was that we didn’t need a specific location, as long as it was an ocean behind us, it was what we wanted. You don’t know how many locations we looked at that were closer to home, but we decided that the beach was the most beautiful of them all. We ended up renting a beach house for a week. We stayed there with a few people in the wedding party the whole week before. We had the rehearsal dinner there, the wedding, and the reception. Well worth the money!

What do-it-yourself projects did you do?
One of my best friends and bridesmaids, Megan, has a silhouette machine that helped her make the writing on the chalk board that told the order of events of the wedding.

I bought the lanterns that lined the aisle at Old Time Pottery. They were black and I painted them white & added candles in the middle. I bought driftwood from a floral shop and placed them around the lanterns.

My centerpieces were driftwood with candles glued to them with flowers placed in different types of jars all around them and string pearls draped from the branches.

As “Thank You” gifts I bought a chest that looked like a treasure chest, and filled it with coins, jewels, pearls, and a net and then added sun glasses on top of them. Our guests each took a pair of sunglasses on their way down to the ceremony. It was perfect.

Megan also helped me by making our “Thank You” sign that we took pictures with so that we could use the pictures to send with the thank you cards. I bought a piece of wood from Lowes and had it cut into a size I thought was appropriate. Megan took the wood home with her and stained it, painted it, and then placed the vinyl “Thank You” sticker on it.

For our guest book we used the idea of a “Message in a Bottle”. I found some paper at Hobby Lobby that looked like it was old, yellowed, and ripped on the edges (perfect for this) and I already had an old wine bottle. So I had the paper sitting next to the wine bottle so that the guests could write us a “message” and place it in the bottle. We opened it after we got home. It was so much fun to open them and see what our friends and family had written.


Take your time. Research. Change your mind as many times as you want. This is your day. Make it fun!


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