Ice Cream Football Sandwiches
Servings Prep Time
12 10
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
12 10
Cook Time
  • 12 Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • 12 Wooden Spoons
  • 1 Sharpie
  • 1 Rubbermaid storage containers
  • 1 White cake icing
  • 1 Resealable bag
  • 1 Icing tip #4 and connector
  • Knife
  • Optional: Chocolate sprinkles
  1. Using a Sharpie, draw football plays, referee stripes or team colors on wooden spoons
  2. Unwrap your ice creams and lay them on a sheet of wax paper or in Rubbermaid container
  3. Pierce one end of the ice cream with a knife so that your wooden spoons can be inserted easily later
  4. Cut the edge of resealable bag, insert your icing connector and tip, spoon in icing and pipe football design
  5. Place in Rubbermaid container and freeze until guests arrive.
  6. Insert wooden spoons, sprinkle container with chocolate sprinkles (to finish the look) and serve.
  7. Tip: If you serve them at halftime and they’re hard frozen, they should last the full 30 minutes!