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Resort Weddings: Kathleen & Daniel | Johnson’s Mill, UT

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From the Bride:

How did you and your spouse meet? I met Daniel at a business meeting in Las Vegas.

Who proposed marriage and how did that proposal happen? Daniel proposed and it was amazing… I recently lost my dad, my hero, My dad raised me and he was my rock. He passed 7 months before the proposal. I lived in Las Vegas and Daniel lived here in Utah. I was on the phone with Daniel 2 days after my dads passing when I received a package from my mom. It was a photo I’ve never seen before of my mom and dad holding my hands when I was 1 at this beautiful outdoor staircase. I cried for at least 5 mins before I could speak. Daniel found out that’s where my dad proposed overlooking the ocean at The Glass Church in Ranchos Palos Verdes, Ca. so 7 months after that call Daniel and his daughter Jordan drove from Utah to Las Vegas and surprised me and my daughter Sevanna. They said we were going on a day trip, and we packed up my mom and her sister who was there visiting with us from Puerto Rico. We hopped in the truck and headed to California. Everyone knew what was happening now but me. We arrived at The Glass Church. We walked around the amazing grounds and everyone went their separate ways. D and I went to the cliff and saw this spectacular view of the ocean at sunset. I turned around to grab Daniels hand and say how breathtaking it was and he was out of sight. He was on one knee saying words I can’t even remember and holding a box that sparkled. I was in such shock and crying of course… that’s what I do. I dropped down to hug him. He put the ring on my finger stood me up and hugged me and wiped my tears. To this day he still say’s “Did you even say yes?” I’m not really sure I did.

Talk to me about the decor! The décor was a mixture of Italian Vineyard and Vintage Romance

We had real grapes throughout all of our flowers. We used a collection of Cigar boxes we collected from all of Daniel’s favorite cigars for our centerpiece flowers, along with garden vases and candle sticks, Wine Barrels, Chandeliers and twinkle lights in the trees to soften all the wood. We had King Ranch Wood tables with Cream lace runners on the adults tables- Fruitwood Chairs, Ivory with Satin Champagne overlays on the 4 Kids tables. Satin Champagne with Lace runners on all the High Boy Tables for the Cigar Lounge and Bar and also for the antipasti station. We had a brown leather loveseat and chairs with granite table in the cigar lounge on the deck with the bar and Italian Soda station.

Where did you get the inspiration for your color palette and design? Well, having a July 4th wedding I really didn’t want to have the traditional patriotic Red, White & Blue. I knew I wanted a vineyard theme. So I decided on colors that would compliment the traditional. Fuchsia for the red grapes- Cream and Blush with greenery for the white and light green grapes and deep purple for the blue and Purple grapes. As soon as I had the main palette I was able to plan from there, I really wanted the Creams and Blushes to be more in the ceremony site to keep it soft and romantic and then have that POP of color when we got to the ceremony. I told the florist fireworks will be going off at 10 and I want the reception to feel electric with the color to set off the soft romantic cream lace of the runners and champagne overlays. It really worked!

Were there any Do it Yourself (DIY) projects? If so, can you describe them in detail? Yes, We DIY all our Barn Wood signs for each area, like Cigar Bar- Love is Grand at the cake table ( Grand play on the new last name Granderath) Perfect Blend- with our initials and the girls initials in hearts on the Coffee and Tea Station and there were a few others. We have a friend Jeff McDonald who owns Woody’s hardwood flooring and he gave us all the wood for our signs and also made our awesome Barn wood frame for our polaroid sign in that the guest pinned their photos on twine with mini clothes pins.

I collected many Starbucks Frappuccino bottles, soaked them peeled off the labels and created vintage milk bottles for the kids favor. It had a cellophane bag of OREOS tied on with a sparkle tulle and vintage purple straw with a tag that read. Love is Sweet enjoy our Favorite Treat. Daniel and I Love Oreos and Milk. They turned out so dang cute! They also had little Sparklers Homemade coloring wedding activity Book we made them with their names on them connected by twine and vintage crayons and mini American flags.

What is your very best advice to other brides? Stay in your budget and forego things you really don’t need. Hire a wedding planner, even if it’s only for the day of!




Cinema and Video: Ryan Hender Films


Photographer:   Logan Walker Photography

Cinema and Video: Ryan Hender Films//Equipment Rentals: All out tent and event rental//Reception Venue: Johnson’s Mill//Cinema and Video: Remember When Films//Officiant: Rev. Anita Gordon and Rev. Craig Gordon – Utah Wedding Minister//Event Planner: Riehl Events//Caterer: Salt Cake City//Dress Designer: Sophia Tolli//Floral Designer: The Flower Patch//Submitted via Two Bright Lights




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