Wedding Favors Ideas

Ruffle Feathers With DIY Wedding Favors

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Wedding Favors DIY

Wedding favors are your chance to thank your guests for coming to your wedding and let them know how much you appreciate them. Unfortunately, too many wedding favors are unoriginal and don’t express the personalities of the bride and groom. We’ve all been to weddings that give you a little plain white box or a mesh bag filled with candy almonds. Those gifts are pleasant enough, but they aren’t very personal. If you want your wedding to be a unique experience for your guests, you might want to think about creating your own DIY wedding favors.

Here are some ideas for wedding favors that are sure to impress:

ͦ    Get some vintage keys from a junk store and hand them out to each person with a tag that says “You have the key to my heart”. Alternatively, you might want to include a personal message for each guest. If you put your guests’ table numbers on the tags and give the keys out before guests go into the dining room, you can use them as a way to direct people to their seats.

ͦ    Dip extra-large marshmallows in exotic chocolates, candies and nuts. Pop a stick in each one so that guests can handle them without getting sticky fingers!

ͦ    As a healthy, natural treat, why not buy tiny galvanized buckets and put fresh berries in them for each person to take home?

ͦ    Origami flowers make beautiful wedding favors, and your guests will appreciate the time you spent making them. If flowers aren’t original enough for you, how about making birds or animals?

ͦ    Buy bars of chocolate and remove the paper labels to leave just the foil wrappers. Then print your own paper labels, using “Mr. and Mrs.” with your new surname as the brand name. Complete the label with details about you and your partner in place of the nutrition information. Guests will love this fun and original treat.

ͦ    If you enjoy baking, you will be able to quickly cook up a batch of heart-shaped cookies to act as wedding favors. An innovative variation on this theme is to make fortune cookies with personalized paper messages hidden inside.

ͦ    Mix up some bubble mix and put it in tiny decorative bottles, each one with a bent piece of wire to act as a blowing stick. Let your guests fill the reception venue with beautiful bubbles symbolizing your love.

ͦ    Fill tiny cloth bags with seeds and add a colored paper tag asking your guests to plant them. Next spring, your friends’ gardens and window boxes will be filled with flowers symbolizing the growth of you and your partner’s relationship. Your guests are sure to look back fondly on your big day whenever they see the beautiful flowers that you gave to them.

Simple favors can be beautiful and inexpensive. Guests will be impressed that you took the time to create something unusual and special. If you want to have a wedding that your friends will remember forever, DIY wedding favors are surely the way to go.

{GB – Guest Blogger} Author Bio: Guest post contributed by Vicki Woods for Vicki is a wedding coordinator and freelance writer. She loves writing about her wedding experiences and sharing helpful tips. 

Photography:  Keys: Prettysaro  |   Chocolate Marshmallows  |  Origami flowers: zzilch  |   Heart cookies: Tantek

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