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Sign Me Up! Stylish Ways To Welcome Your Guests

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Are you looking for some ideas on how to incorporate signage in your big day? Whether you want to buy, make, or do a little bit of both, we’ve got you covered!

Photo by Robert Kintner via Flickr

Take the sign welcoming your guests to your ceremony or reception as an opportunity to share a favorite quite, verse, or lyric. You can use a chalkboard, like shown above, or paint it on a canvas. If you and your soon-to-be spouse share something like this, a yard sign is the perfect way to let all of your guests in on something that is important to you as a couple.

Photo by Zoe via Flickr.
Have stands with signs directing guests. Photo by Zoe via Flickr.

Want cute signs but don’t want something flouncy? Take the opportunity to use them as guides for your guests. Instead of having people escorting guests, simply create or buy signs like this one to serve as an usher. These would make an easy DIY craft for you and your bridal party to do together, too.

Photo by Stephen Graham
Get creative! Photo by Stephen Graham via Flickr.

Similar as above, use signs to direct guests – but also have fun with it! “Put on your dancing shoes” or “This way to the fun” are good, short statements to get your guests in the mood for a dance floor!

Photo by Julie Jordan Scott via Flickr
Hand make a creative sign like this one for a more rustic feel. Photo by Julie Jordan Scott via Flickr.

If you don’t need your sign to do or mean anything sentimental, fun phrases like this are a must! They don’t have to direct anyone to the cocktail hour or dance floor, but can certainly be made into directional signs if need be. Look up fun wedding phrases online, and paint them to simple boards like this for an outdoor reception. They will surely highlight your decor!

Photo by Travis Fisher via Flickr
As an intro to your open seating plan, use a sign like this. Photo by Travis Fisher via Flickr.

A sign like this is perfect for your open seating plan, and can be bought or made. Variations on the phrase are also available, and will welcome our guests right off the bat walking into your ceremony. This kind of sign prevents your guests form being confused on where to go, and allows you to have your ushers help with other duties on the big day.

Photo by Aaron Gilson via Flickr
Signs like these make good path markers on the way to the ceremony or reception. Photo by Aaron Gilson via Flickr.

Simple, hand-made signs like these are perfect for just additional decoration. Put them in spots that you hope your guests explore at your venue (like by a fountain, or a path around the reception hall), with picture of you and your new spouse, to let your guests know that the place is all yours for the day. Or, just include them near the guestbook, cake, dance floor, or bar, to pull your theme together. However you want to use them, pieces like this make great additional accents for any decor!

Photo by Beretta Fleur via Flickr
Signs can be as simple as printing a theme-centered picture and putting it on a yard stake. Photo by Beretta Fleur via Flickr.

Handmade, theme-promoting signs like these are a unique personal touch. Find a picture that encapsulates your theme and that will enhance the day. You can also provide direction on signs like these. This would also be a fun opportunity to put pictures of yourselves from over your time as a couple, makeing the pictures more recent the closer your guests get to the ceremony or reception.

However you want to use or include them, signs are a splendid way to make your guests feel welcomed and able to find where they are supposed to be. As the bride and groom, the last thing you’ll want to be worried about on your wedding day is if everyone found where they were supposed to be okay. Signs are a quick and simple fix that also can make a theme extra awesome!



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