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Simple Floral Wedding Centerpieces

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There is no need to go to the trouble or the expense of purchasing elaborate wedding centerpieces. Instead, try creating a simple floral wedding centerpiece on your own, at around half the cost of a professional arrangement. DIY centerpieces can be a fun way to save some money on your wedding décor, and to be sure you get exactly what you want, as well. Read on to discover a few ideas to get you started.


Succulents can make for an excellent wedding centerpiece, and they don’t cost much at all. Choose a simple terra cotta pot as your base, and pack it with beautiful cactus, aloe, and more. For an even more rustic look, choose a small wooden box instead of a pot to build your centerpiece in. Use echeveria as your main focus and add smaller, soft cactus interspersed with moss to complete the look. You can also pair succulents with flowers that have small buds to add a little extra pop of color to your arrangement.


If you are having a rustic, outdoorsy wedding—or if you just love to garden!—consider creating a wedding centerpiece made of edible ingredients. Place a small baby cabbage in a pot and surround it with beautiful and fragrant herbs, such as thistle, rosemary, parsley, or dill. For a wedding that is taking place in the wintertime, arrange small wild strawberries with fresh mint for a fragrant edible centerpiece that is perfect for the holiday season.

Small and Simple

For smaller wedding parties, or even for large receptions that utilize smaller tables, try creating a simple and homey feel with a single fresh flower in a glass mason jar. Simply fill the jar halfway with water, place the flower in, and that is all! If you live in Australia, Koch & Co. has variety of jars to choose from. If you prefer something a little more elegant, try the same with an assortment of mason jar sizes and a variety of flowers in each one. Place colored sand or glass pebbles into the bottom of the jars to add some more color to the centerpiece. Or, surround your single flower mason jar with tea lights floating in tiny glass dishes.

floral-arrangement-845323_640Leafy Greens

Begin with an elegant container, such as a faux crystal vase or a silvery glass. Arrange three peonies in the container, of a complementary color to the bride’s bouquet, and fill the extra space with large grape leaves. Grape leaves provide a sense of refinement and a dash of Mediterranean flavor, and their rich color can help balance the shade of the peonies to create a sophisticated centerpiece without much effort at all.

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