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Sneaky Tips That Will Chop Your Wedding Bill In Half

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Weddings cost thousands these days, and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what kind of theme you’ve chosen. Chances are, it’s going to be the most expensive day of your entire life. However, there are a few sneaky tips that could potentially chop your wedding bill by as much as half!

Do Your Own Music

Have you ever thought about doing your own wedding music? Some people choose to go for a band or a DJ, but hiring them for hours can be costly. It’s much cheaper to create a long playlist that will last the night, and a good speaker system to ensure everybody can hear it. This is so much cheaper, and you can make sure that you handpick all of the songs you want on the list, as well as including something for everyone.


Don’t Bother With Wedding Favors

Honestly, nobody cares about wedding favors. It’s a tradition, sure, but does anybody really want to take sugared almonds home with them? Unless you want to give your guests something actually meaningful, you should probably just skip this part. However, keeping the tradition of giving gifts to your wedding party is still a good idea. They probably deserve it!

Buy Quality Rings For Less

Your rings last forever, but you can buy high quality rings for less when you’re smart about the shopping process. What about titanium wedding rings that look just as good as other kinds of rings? If you want silver, white gold, or even platinum rings, then make sure you learn how to negotiate and how to find value for money.

Do Your Own DIY Decor

Doing your own DIY decor will take extra time, but it’ll be worth it. You’ll give your wedding a personalized touch, and you’ll save loads of money too. You can create your own signs, bunting, place settings, and more. You can buy all of the equipment super cheap at craft stores, and all you need to do is set aside some time to make the stuff yourself.


Make Your Own Invitations

How about making your own invitations too? This is really easy to do with a few stamps and some nice card material. Nobody cares about getting wedding invitations with all of the trimmings. Truth be told, they’ll probably get thrown in the bin awfully quickly. You could even make invitations for your nearest and dearest, and invite everybody else via text, email, or phone call. Think of the money you’ll save!

Rent Your Outfits Or Buy Second Hand

Don’t buy your outfits. They’re expensive, you won’t wear them again, and chances are they’ll just take up valuable space in your home. How about renting them, or buying them second hand instead? You’ll save a giant amount of money!

Call In Friends For Favors

If you have friends who love photography, taking videos, or playing guitar, there are ways you can call them in for favors. This doesn’t mean you should do this for absolutely everything. After all, your pictures will be one of the only things that last forever. That being said, saving money on videos, caking making, and things like that is totally possible with the right crew behind you.

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