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Something Old, Something New: Ideas for the Bride

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Something Old, Something New: Ideas for the Bride

Among everything else you need to remember when planning your wedding day, try not to forget the all-important four. According to tradition, the bride should include something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue into the her outfit somewhere. The saying evolved out of English folklore originating in 1898 and has developed into a fully-fledged superstition, usually featuring in every slightly soppy romantic comedy you have ever watched involving an at-the-alter jilting.

Arguably, by using the phrase itself, you could claim to have ticked off items one and three, by reciting the vows – both old and borrowed. However if you don’t think you can get away with that, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate all items in one go. A charm bracelet, such as one by Pandora, can be made up to include the perfect combination of beads, letters and charms unique to you. To get an idea of all the different options, have a look on eBay, where you should find ideas to cover all the four bases.

What does the phrase represent?

According to The Knot each line of the rhyme pertains to something different. Something old represents continuity, so a family heirloom from the bride’s mother or a talisman to symbolise the bride’s past will suffice. Something new is aimed at optimism for the future and is the most crucial for good luck. Something borrowed relates to the bride’s family being there for her on the day and in the future, in that she can still rely on them when help is needed. The final clause, something blue, relates to purity, fidelity and faithfulness.

A lot to add to my wedding “to do” list

Superstition suggests that a wedding won’t happen unless all these elements are covered, although it is hardly a science. The items can relate to almost anything in your life that you link to that particular theme. They can come from your future husband, children, relate to a childhood pet, a favourite piece of party clothing, jewellery or music, for example. It should be relatively easy to pin down if you just pause and ponder for a minute.

Some wedding ceremonies allow you to play your own song instead of the traditional Wedding March when heading down the aisle. Perhaps you could play your favourite song that your husband bought or lent to you. A necklace of your mother’s might cover both old and borrowed. has literally dozens of ideas, such as using a childhood pillow as the ring bearer’s cushion, or a vintage compact purse mirror for those spot checks on the big day. Ironically, perhaps, garters have been used as the something blue, representing purity.


Even if a charm bracelet can’t cover all four bases for something old, new, borrowed and blue, a new bracelet or necklace could add the finishing touch to a glamorous wedding outfit. Maybe certain stone colours or charms are personal to you and your family. Also consider earrings, rings, hair clips, bracelets and chains in silver, gold, diamonds, amethyst, topaz and sapphire among others.

About the Author – Kathryn Thompson is a lifestyle enthusiast and  a mother of three. She loves keeping up with fashion, travel and the latest looks. Her articles mainly appear on lifestyle blogs. You can follow Kathryn on Twitter.

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