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{Spotlight} Corky Kouture Premiere Wine and Champagne Bags

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Beautiful Corky Kouture’s chic new gift bag is a present and a present holder all in one. It comes in 4 colors: white, black, red and pink. Includes attached gift card holder for gift cards, sweets, money or jewelry. Come with a presentation box illuminating gift wrapping. Bonus! Can be personalized. corkykouture.comVisit Corky Kouture to get one for your favorite couple.


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  • I have seen Corky Kouture in person and have personally given them as gifts. In fact, just last week I gave one at a bridal shower and everyone was taken back by how beautiful they are. Truly, you cannot apprecite them by only a photo..and you don’t see the display box it comes in this photo….they really do make an impression and an exciting presentation.

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