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Summer Wedding Inspiration

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Photography:Lindsay Madden Photography
Photography:Lindsay Madden Photography

There’s nothing more romantic than a summer wedding spent outdoors. In the open space, with the sun shining down, you and your guests can soak up everything the season has to offer. When thinking about what your perfect summer wedding would be like, think about what summer reminds you of – sun bathing and surfing? Lying on the grass, taking in the perfume of nearby flowers? Perhaps it’s climbing trees and swimming in shallow streams?

When it comes to drawing inspiration for your summer wedding, try looking to these two classic summer wedding venues:

The Countryside

If you’re looking to create a little more of a mature and relaxed vibe, draw inspiration from the countryside. A working farm in the countryside makes a perfect summer venue. With long sunlight hours you can hold most of the ceremony and reception outdoors. Kids can swing from tree branches, and you can get your photos taken in front of green hills scattered with farm animals. If you’re looking for a lush and traditional countryside destination, consider a wedding venue in Cheshire in the UK as the British countryside is teeming with family run farms that are rich in history and steeped in beauty.

If you’re looking to add countryside farm vibes to your wedding plans, consider using handmade decorations and recycled tidbits, like wooden pallets full of bouquets, or hanging mason jars with twinkling tea candles nestled inside. Serve your guests rustic, organic roasts, vegetables and sweet berry pastries. Use hay bales as seats and have the bride enter the procession on a horse! Having a live country or bluegrass band can really transport your guests to the countryside as well, even if you’re nowhere near it!

The Beach

Regardless of where in the world you’re from, you’ll most likely agree that the beach is the ultimate summer hangout. For most of us, when the sun is shining and the temperature is high, we grab our friends and head to the sand and sea. If you don’t mind getting sand everywhere, the beach can also be a great place to have your wedding. In the event that a white sandy beach is simply not available to you, a beach theme for your wedding is the next best thing.

When going for a beach vibe with your decorations, think sea blues, aquamarines, golds and pale yellows for colors. Add little umbrellas to your cocktails for a ‘tanning by the coast’ feel. Use tablecloths and pillowcases that have that signature beach towel pattern. Use wooden deck chairs to allow your guests to recline with class. Lastly, beachwear is notoriously informal, so why not encourage your guests to wear shorts or even go barefoot? Going barefoot can be both adorable and necessary if having a wedding procession on the beach, so if you’re into that informal feeling of sand between your toes, just go for it!

Where is your favorite summer hang out? Wherever it is, we’re sure it’s a place that you can draw plenty of wedding inspiration from. Remind everyone of summer by using the great outdoors as a theme for your wedding, or even better, book a venue that is in amongst it if possible!



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