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Surviving Wedding Season Without Breaking the Bank

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The Mr. and Mrs. Wedding eCard by - get inspired at
The Mr. and Mrs. Wedding eCard by

The summer wedding season is a very special time of year. It’s a wonderful opportunity to take some time to celebrate friends and loved ones who are dedicating their lives to each other. After making your travel and accommodation plans, you may want to consider a few DIY ideas when it comes to gifts. Here are a few thoughtful tips and ideas to inspire you.

Give the Gift of Time

As the big day approaches, time will become invaluable to the bride and groom, and they will be incredibly grateful for a helping hand. Instead of buying them a gift, offer your time and assistance. It’s helpful to be specific when you offer your help, so think about what will be most useful for the bride. It might be tying the ribbon on all the favors, picking up the flowers the day before the wedding, or even managing the setup of the ceremony chairs while everyone is busy getting ready.

Give the Gift of Crafted Wedding Décor

If crafting is a strong suit of yours, you might consider helping create some of the wedding decorations as your gift to the bride and groom. Of course, this won’t be very secret because you’ll need to coordinate with the couple to create items that fit with their theme or color scheme, but it can be an extremely helpful and thoughtful gesture.

Upcycle Your Gift

Homemade wedding presents are often the most memorable gifts that the bride and groom will receive. If you decide to create a DIY wedding gift, make sure you create something you know the couple will absolutely love. Upcycling is a great option. For example, if the couple will be setting up their first home together, a unique piece of furniture is the perfect gift. Reupholster your coziest chair or paint a fabulous side table in a chic new color. Your labor of love will be greatly appreciated!

Send a free eCard to the Honeymooners

Let your friends know you’re thinking of them, even after the wedding is over, by sending them a personal message while they’re off on their honeymoon. Even if they’re off the grid, they’ll appreciate seeing a special note in their inbox when they come home. This is a wonderful way to keep the love flowing, even digitally.

Coordinate with the Wedding Party

If you’re a member of the wedding party, there are lots of ways to collaborate with the whole wedding team to put together a fabulous wedding gift or create DIY accessories for the big day. Gather all the bridesmaids together to create your own hair and jewelry accessories, and pool your resources together to purchase the bride’s favorite gift on her registry. She’ll think of her wonderful friends and her special day every time she uses it!

About the Author: Stephanie is the Director of Marketing at Punchbowl, Inc. She blogs about celebrations, party planning, and free digital greeting cards.

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