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Sweet Alternatives To Wedding Cake

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When it comes to choosing your dessert for your big day, most people tend to default to ordering a wedding cake. You usually just have to choose the kind of cake, color of frosting, and your cake topper. But when you don’t like or don’t want cake, there are a vast amount of other options for you to choose from, and more decisions to be made. To make the decision process easier, here are a few desserts to serve as tasty alternatives to cake at your reception.

Photo by jeffreyw, via Flickr.
Chocolate eclairs are decadent and sweet, like cake. Photo by jeffreyw, via Flickr.

Sweet & Petite

Eclairs are a sweet treat to include at your reception because they are bite size and can come in a variety. You can get chocolate or vanilla, or chocolate with a different cream on the inside. Like cake, there is variety available in eclairs without being too much overwhelming flavor. Often, couples pick plain cakes so as to please a greater amount of people at the reception. Eclairs can also be light, fluffy, and just sweet enough to be a satisfying dessert without being too much flavor for picky guests.

Photo by Kurtis Garbutt, via Flickr.
A plain dough base covered in decadent fruit and sugar is a great option. Photo by Kurtis Garbutt, via Flickr.

Fruity & Tart

Fruit tarts are a basic dessert with an overwhelming amount of flavor. Fruit tarts provide a lot of variety, so that you can give your guests ample options with different fruits, syrups, and sugar toppings. You can add whipped cream or powdered sugar as well, both of which would accompany a seasonal fruit very well. These are also a great, healthy option for your guests, which they can be appreciative while also enjoying, since they are also delicious.

Photo by Zechariah Judy, via Flickr.
An ice cream Sunday bar allows for more than an awesome desert option. Photo by Zechariah Judy, via Flickr.

Kiddie Ice Cream Bar

At weddings, cake is traditionally passed out by servers, or picked up from side tables. An ice cream sundae bar is a fun way to get your guests desserts, since they can build their own. Sundae bars also give you as the menu planner options, as you pick out toppings of your choosing. This can be more fun and make you feel like a kid at heart over choosing one wedding cake. Your guests will have a ball putting together their own creations, and it will give them more time to interact with one another at your reception.

Photo by Alexis Fam, via Flickr.
Tiramisu is an excellent wedding dessert option. Photo by Alexis Fam, via Flickr.

Coffee & Cream

Tiramisu, the espresso flavored, soft-breaded dessert, is a gorgeous accompaniment to a wedding day, as it serves two purposes. Many people like to indulge in after dinner coffee, while others wait for the cake, so tiramisu pulls together both of those options into one dessert. Made like cake, it’s a good alternative without getting rid of the idea of cake entirely. Tiramisu is also really elegant, and something that would be seen in a cafe, so it can help you emulate a certain feeling around your wedding day as well.

Photo by messycupcakes, via Flickr.
Cupcakes can replace cake, for a twist on the traditional. Photo by messycupcakes, via Flickr.

Cupcake Tower

Want to nix the traditional cake, but love cake in general? Cupcake towers and displays are becoming more and more popular, and serve as a very simple alternative to a classic dessert option. Because they are small, you can order a large variety of flavors, and make them fit into your color scheme and theme. Cupcakes are great, too, because you could also turn them into an opportunity for a cupcake bar. Having frosting and sprinkles around to decorate the cupcakes could be a fun and easy way to get your guests involved in your big day as well!

Dessert is great, no matter how topped, so have fun choosing your special food!

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