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The Joys of Off-Season Weddings

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If you are one of the many brides out there who has chosen to have an off-season wedding, you made a brilliant choice.  Not only can seasoned weddings be costly, they can also be cliché.  An off-season wedding can give you the chance to explore your creativity and show your guests something bold and exciting.

The number one best thing about deciding on an off-season wedding is all of the deals and date flexibility that you can get with vendors.  Venues generally charge less and have more dates open for off-season weddings because less people are booking their wedding for that time.  The same goes for photographers and entertainment; nobody wants to be unemployed because of the season.

Another great thing about having your wedding from November to April is how creative you can get.  Instead of just decking the whole reception area with flowers, you can use alternative décor.  You can use branches, candles or woven baskets for centerpieces and throw some more unusual colors into your color scheme.

For the months of November through February, you can do a winter wonderland theme using white, silver and light blue colors.  If you want to be festive, you can use pumpkins, pine cones and candles as centerpieces for November weddings.  For festive December weddings, you can deck the halls.  Choose your colors and use mostly white and let the other colors accent the white.  This will give your winter wedding the look of winter elegance.

Weddings falling between March and April are a great time to get everybody excited about the gorgeous weather to come.  You can do an April showers or a garden themed wedding.  Think pastel or bright green, pink, lavender, peach and yellow and find a color pallet that works well for you.  There are so many cute spring garden decorations that you can find at your local dollar store that are perfect for a spring themed wedding.

If it’s iffy weather that you’re afraid of, use it to play up your theme.  Think of all of the beautiful pictures that you will get in the snow or in the rain under an umbrella smooching your hubby.  Use colorful rain/snow boots, umbrellas or shawls (depending on the season) to give your pictures that extra romantic uniqueness.

Having an off-season wedding doesn’t have to be a bummer if you’re an optimist and you have a creative side.  It’s a great way of having the wedding of your dreams without burning as much of a hole in your wallet.  This is also an opportunity to give all of your guests a wedding that they will always remember.

{GB – Guest Blogger} Laura Fazekas is a newlywed and wedding blogger.

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