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Tips To Choose A Great Wedding Theme You Will Love

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Choosing a wedding theme is a really important decision. In so many cases we are faced with huge problems because the wedding theme is simply chosen in the heat of the moment. You should never just make such an important decision in a hasty way. It is always much better to think about as many options as you can, together with advantages and disadvantages. Allow yourself enough time to choose and consider the following tips based on the experience of Wonderstruck Events, experienced event planners.

Choose Location First

The chosen venue will surely be a good reflection of what the loving couple appreciates. Some will stay away from the banquet hall and will look for some unique themes. Others are going to want to have a wedding in an old gothic-style banquet hall. Based on the wedding venue there will be some wedding themes that will be much more appropriate than others. This is definitely one of the first things you have to take into account.

Defining The Couple

The best advice anyone can give you when you have problems in choosing a wedding theme is to focus on what defines the two of you as a couple. For instance, some will love traveling and exploring. Others are going to simply love movies and sitting on a couch as a loving couple. Based on what you write down as the main things that characterize you as a couple you can come up with various different possible wedding themes.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest offers so many ideas that you can take into account for the big days in your life. All that you really have to do is to start pining and then moving from one post to the next. Eventually you will notice that you are drawn in by some wedding types. There is a pretty good possibility that these are the types of wedding themes you would appreciate. Do you often see that you pin rustic photos? Maybe a rustic wedding theme would be a great idea for you.

Ask For Help

A great thing that you can do is to take advantage of friends and family members. They know you really well. Just ask what type of wedding they think you should have. There is a good possibility that this will shed some light about the different options you do have to take into account. Then, if you do not actually find something you like, talk to a wedding planner. These specialists already had to deal with many clients and know how to help couples to find a wonderful wedding theme.


You should always think about the wedding theme way ahead of the date you set. Think about what would be great for you two as a couple. This is what will help you out the most at the end of the day since you would be able to come up with something without being stressed by not having enough time. The best wedding theme choices are the ones that are not hurried.

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