Wedding Reception Ideas

Tips To Decorate Your Wedding Venue

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13627011_326578394340408_6977074631427045303_nIt’s going to be magical.

It’s your special day.

You have been planning this moment for months, years possibly. You deserve to have a beautiful, magical setting for your wedding day. And what better venue than some of the stunning marquees for hire?

If you have a site available, a marquee wedding can be the venue of your dreams. Decorating a marquee may be more challenging than traditional venues but it doesn’t need to be more stressful. If you’re planning on wedding marquee hire, here are some great tips to decorate your wedding venue.


There are plenty of different options for wedding marquee hire in Byron Bay – from clear ceilings to Pagoda high top marquees. Think about your wedding theme and what kind of atmosphere you would like to create. A high-top marquee gives illusion of space while a smaller marquee helps set the scene for a more intimate setting. Multiple marquees can create different areas throughout your day, such as a drinks area or dance floor. They can also provide some afternoon shelter for summer weddings from the sun while guests mingle before and after the ceremony.


13592433_326578427673738_3024754843742120863_nUSE THE CEILING

Make the most of the ceiling. A high top will allow plenty of space to hang decorations such as lanterns or hanging gardens depending on your theme. You can use draping to create height differences, partition for certain areas or create dramatic entrances. If you have a high ceiling, consider tall table decorations to create seamless lines throughout your wedding venue. Hanging drapery from a ceiling can create different areas for guests to take a break from the action and chill out. You may wish to partition off an area for a Photobooth, complete with props and signs, or create a dessert table hidden from view until later in the night. A clear ceiling provides a romantic dining experience under the stars.


Experiment with different flooring textures and colours. You may wish to have a grass floor, or maybe you would prefer different coloured tiles to add some drama and fun to your dance floor. Dramatic flooring can change the overall feel of a wedding venue so choose subtle decorative pieces elsewhere if you choose to have flooring which stands out.


Lighting can change the whole mood and tone of an event. Strip lighting can create ambience and can be hung next to any surface, or even draped along the length of a long banquet table. For romantic table settings, wrap fairy lights around the main centrepiece. Fairy lights look stunning added to any drapery and create a gorgeous backdrop for the head table behind the bride and groom. Don’t forget about outside the venue as well – hang beautiful lanterns from trees to create a warm welcome and comfortable setting for those who need some fresh air.



Set your wedding apart with personalised signage to help direct guests and tie in your wedding theme. Add the finishing touches with photo scavenger hunts for guests to participate in during the night, or a candy bar with lollies in the same colour scheme as your wedding theme. Perhaps you might want to add ribbons or flower ties to the backs of any chairs, or a coloured sash over the top of any chair covers.

Whatever your theme, Mullum Hire can provide a range of different options for marquee hire in Byron Bay to create stunning wedding settings and a magical occasion to treasure forever.

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