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Tips To Get Your Dog Looking Smart And Suave On Your Wedding

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Your wedding day is fast approaching and you are going all out to ensure it is the most memorable day of your life. And of course all the people you love the most in the world are going to be there. You may be getting conflicting opinions from family and friends regarding whether you should tag along your pet dog for your wedding. But your pet is a part of your family and will it not seem strange if he is not part of the celebrations?

Your dog will make for the most memorable family photos, so ensure he is also a part of the ceremony. And do so in style.

You spend weeks planning and designing your gown and the bridesmaid dresses, and you have chalked out every detail of your wedding, down to the flowers in your bridal bouquet. So why not groom your pet too to perfection?

Here are a few tips to help the DIY-smart bride-to-be with her pooch preparations.


Be Realistic About Involving Your Dog

Your wedding day is bound to see a flurry of activity, plenty of emotions and lots of revelry. Some dogs may find the day too stressful and too much to cope with. If your dog is of the quiet kind who loves his solitude, it will be best if you keep him away from your wedding ceremony.

You can have someone bring him over for a quick photo session after the ceremony and have him back in the room or home soon after.

Aggressive and anti-social dogs also will not enjoy the crowded occasion. If you own a big dog that gets excited on seeing a crowd and makes it a point to greet everybody in person, or a pooch that is scared of unfamiliar spaces, you will have to reconsider your decision to bring your dog along. A high-energy dog definitely will have to be on a leash all through the ceremony.

Also, you may have guests who panic at the sight of dogs or are extremely allergic to them. You will have to speak to them beforehand and work around the hiccups when including your dog in your wedding.


Ensure The Venue Is Apt

Check with your church and the venue of reception if dogs are welcome. If you are having a destination wedding on a beach or planning to say your vows in a lavish French chateau, ensure the venue is pet-friendly. Most resorts and vacation homes allow pets and do their best to make the experience as pleasant and memorable as possible.

Many hotels have stricter rules when it comes to having pets on their property with restrictions regarding access and use.  Check whether your pet will be allowed on the lawns and grounds. If you find the rules too stifling opt for another venue.


Groom Your Dog Before The Big Day

As a DIY bride-to-be you probably have your hands full right now. But you will have to spare time to groom your best friend and have him look his best.

Bathe your dog with a specialized shampoo a day or two before the wedding. This will help him look super-clean and smell great as well. A thorough bath also cuts down on dander, thus reducing the chance of allergies in guests.

In addition to a luxurious bath, you will also have to trim your dog’s toenails. Sharp claws can do a lot of damage to expensive hosiery and delicate dresses, so keep them trimmed.

You will have to clip and trim your dog’s hair and remove difficult fur mats. This will help him look neat and all decked up for the occasion.


Get His Clothes Ready Well in Time

Since you are going all out to make your wedding as special as possible, how can you pay any less attention to your pet’s attire?

There are several fun outfits that you can try out for your pooch. Dog necklaces & bow ties, tuxes, wedding dresses, dress shirts and vests are all popular formal apparel. Shrugs, coats, jackets and even lace wedding veils are available at popular pet stores that make your dog look his or her best. Online stores also offer great choices at reasonable prices.


Practice Makes Your Dog Comfortable

Unfamiliar surroundings and faces will unsettle even the most social of dogs. You don’t want your dog to freak out on your wedding day, so prepare him well in advance. The rehearsal may be too late to get your dog used to his new outfit or the special role you have in mind for him. Start the practice sessions early.

Introduce his new bow tie or tux into his training routine in the days leading up to the ceremony. If he is the ring bearer help him practice with the ring pillow. Take him around the church or the wedding venue so that he recognizes the familiar smells. Have your dog around when you try out your wedding gown so that he is not startled by the ‘bride’ look on the big day.


Ensure Your Dog Has Company

It is very essential you entrust the care of your dog to someone you trust. Your dog should be familiar with his tender and should be comfortable with him. If you know there is someone responsible for you pooch, you have one thing less to worry about on your big day.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that ideally the responsibility of attending to your pooch should not be shouldered by a single person. You want your friend too to have fun on wedding, don’t you? A few people taking turns or sharing the responsibility will help make things easier for all involved.


A Long Walk Helps

Ensure someone takes your dog for a long and relaxing walk prior to the ceremony. This will help calm him down and will also avoid any embarrassing accidents in the venue. Your dog will love to take things easy after the walk and will be a mellow companion to you.



Your pet is a part of your life. He obviously knows that your wedding is a special day for you and would love to share it with you. With a few thoughtful steps, you can ensure your wedding turns out to be wonderful experience for both of you.




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