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Top 5 Fashion Tips For Grooms

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Long gone are the days when men would trudge to the wedding rental store to decide between the usual choice − tux or tails. Nowadays, style choices for the groom are almost as varied as the bride’s.

With so much to think of and with so many decisions to be made, we decided to compile the top five fashion tips for your wedding day attire for a bolder and more stylish fashion statement.

1. The Suit

If you do love the idea of tails then it is a good decision to rent but if you are opting for a suit, then you should consider splurging and buying one you can wear again. A custom made suit is a great option if you have the budget but you can also buy one off the rack and then take it to a tailor who will tweak it to make it fit perfectly. If you are adventurous, you can choose to wear separates by mixing a colourful pant with a navy blazer or a more subdued colour pant with a bold patterned blazer. The possibilities are endless but do choose a suit that reflects the dress code of your wedding and more importantly, your personality.

2. The Shirt

You may think a shirt is just a shirt but it is so much more. From the classic collar to the Peter Pan collar; from the buttoned up, no tie look, to an open collar, the shirt determines how formal your dress code is. If you want a touch of whimsy but you don’t want to be so bold in the suit you wear, you can choose a quirky shirt to do this in a subtle way. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure the shirt is ironed well.

 3. To Bow Or Not To Bow

When it comes to choosing the tie that will bring the whole look together, choose the one that matches the style you have been working towards. Classic black bowties are perfect to pair with a tux and ties are another classic option. Choose a thin tie for a more youthful style or choose a bold pattern to add a fun element. You can also wear a cravat or you can choose to wear none of these for a casual, Boho wedding.

4. Accessories

Never underestimate the importance of accessories as a man. Choose to don a beautiful watch that looks classic and timeless. You can wear suspenders for that bit of whimsy or a floral button hole that matches your bride’s bouquet. You can also commemorate the occasion by wearing something that has been customized such as cuff-links or lapel pins that are engraved with your wedding date for a more sentimental accessory. 

5. Shoes

Shoes complete the whole look so invest in a pair that suits your fashion choices. Shiny, pointy shoes are great if you are going for a classic look but you can also opt for loafers or sneakers for that fun, laid back look. Make sure your shoes are clean and polished on the day.

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