Wedding Gifts Ideas

Top 7 Memorable Wedding Gift Ideas

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personalized-FrameIf you are looking for a wedding gift idea that is more personal and memorable, then you are at the right place! I am going to discuss an off-piste gift list that any couple will enjoy. Wedding gifts are a common matter of post-marriage talking points between the bride and groom. There is no strict rule for how much you should spend on those gifts. Reading this blog you can get ideas for individual and small or big joint-budget gifting ideas. Just take a look at these intelligent ‘off-the-registry’ ideas. I am sure these are something that any couple will enjoy!

Frame the nature:
Gift them something that they will never buy themselves. Like a big frame of a romantic day in the city. They will definitely appreciate a customized 8/10 print in a gorgeous frame. It is a perfect pick for the living room’s decoration.

Passport holders:
After wedding, planning the honeymoon destination remains the best attraction for the couple. So, you can gift a pair of good-looking passport holders. The jet-setting couple will love to have a pair of colourful (like pink and blue) passport holders as wedding gifts.

His & Hers towels:
A modern set of his and hers towel can be a romantic gift for a couple. Get a monogrammed set from any reputed store that can accommodate approximately 9 characters. Remember to get a cotton collection for more comfort.

Customized photo frame:
Prepare a customized photo frame by collecting memories from their big day. You can get a picture of their first couple dance; it will be nostalgic for them!

Book a fun act for the couple:
Spoil the couple by gifting them a fun class that they can both enjoy together like a cooking class art a kitchenware store! If they do not love cooking, you can present them a booking for trying their hobbies like sailing or dancing.

Recipe book:
If gifting a kitchen appliance seems to be cliché to you, you can present them a novelty recipe book. Such type of collections including recipes of coffee ice cream, chocolate wafers and other mouth-watering food-items can be a real joy for them.

Personalised bricks:
Various university alumni associations and local shops sometimes sell personalised bricks while they renovate their places. Honour your adorable couple with a brick that is touting with their names. Trust me; they will keep it for their life as a sentimental piece of gift.

All the above-discussed gifting ideas are sure to fill their hearts with emotions. You can think of others’ presents too. However, remember when you are going to buy any gift for wedding, it should be like that they will never think of it to get by their own, but receiving from you, they get overwhelmed with emotions.

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