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Top Tips For Buying Wedding Lingerie

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Buying wedding lingerie can be as important as buying the dress. Not only will it help to sculpt you to fit into the perfect dress with the perfect silhouette, it’s important that you’re comfortable while feeling sexy too.

Do your research
Before you start thinking about buying, do some research. Take a look at the top lingerie brands and see what they offer when it comes to wedding packages. It’s also worth getting inspiration from elsewhere too. Take a look at the Burlesque Dolls website. These ladies know how to look sexy in corsets and suspenders.

Go for a proper fitting
Getting lingerie that fits properly is especially important. Make sure you go for a proper bra fitting and take some chest, waist and hip measurements too that you can refer back to when faced with a sizing chart.

If you’re looking to buy online, you should still go for a bra fitting in a proper store. Once you know your size you can then benefit from the slightly cheaper online prices.

If you are buying from a certain brand or store, get fitted there. They’ll be able to tell you what’s going to fit best and be most comfortable according to your size.

Perhaps buy two sets
A lot of brides buy two sets of lingerie. One set of comfortable, shaping underwear to make the dress look as amazing as possible. Then another set of super sexy underwear for the wedding night. Whether you do this is up to how you feel, the type of dress you have and your after-wedding plans.

Look at different styles of underwear
If you go to a good shop then the staff will be able to give you advice as to the different types of bras, corsets, basques, tights, suspender belts, suspenders and shapewear.

If you’re going to buy online then do some research into these first. If you have a strapless dress then a multiway bra might be better than a strapless bra.

Shapewear can be tricky to buy online as it’s easy to get the wrong size. Ill-fitting shapewear can do more harm than good so buy well ahead of time so you can try on and send back for another size if need be.

It doesn’t have to be white
Cream, nude or ivory lingerie is acceptable as wedding lingerie. It all depends on the colour and fit of your dress. If you have some colour in your dress (such as rainbow-coloured underskirts) then you could even match your underwear to this.

You’ll have your own tastes and you’ll know what flatters your body. Consider going for something a bit different, especially if you’re going to have a sexier set of underwear for your wedding night.

Try it all together
Don’t leave it until the big day to try your underwear and dress together. You’ll need to make sure that there are no straps showing and that your silhouette is as perfect as you imagined.

Guest Blogger: This article was produced by Lara Anderson, an accomplished and experienced Australian freelance writer who has featured in a number of high profile publications. Follow her here: @LaraCAnderson

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