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When Tradition Ain’t Your Vision

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There’s a lot of tradition that you’re expected to uphold when you get married. The church, the dress, the engagement beforehand – it all follows a certain sort of path, and those who deviate from it are either upheld in high splendour or get very puzzled-looking guests on their big day. It’s becoming more the norm to deviate from what’s expected nowadays, and this is leading way to both brides and grooms becoming more creative with their approach to saying ‘I do’, as well as what comes after.


 The Cake

Forget your fruit cake with the thick layer of icing that guests take away with them just to look polite. It’s now becoming apparent that people were spending a lot of money on something that was, in the majority of cases, going to be chucked straight into the trash. Cakes are being made from a variety of sponges that people enjoy, garnished with buttercream, chocolate and even edible flowers and – hold the phone, here – some couples are also investing in a cheese wedding cake. So instead of layers of cake, you have wheels of cheese. Now that we’re in a generation where savoury is overtaking sweet and we’re all becoming quite indulgent in our cheeseboard antics, it just seems like the most logical thing to do. Guests can eat it as an appetiser during the night, and you can match different wines and spirits to each one. Or, better still, have one of each – a traditional cake and a cheese cake to suit both tastes.

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 The Venue

Let’s face it, getting married in a church  went out of the window in terms of a ‘must do’ a few decades ago. As long as you have somebody licenced to confirm the marriage, you can say your vows anywhere – and there are so many people getting on board with this. Whether you fly to another country, make your promises in the middle of a field, be confirmed in holy matrimony in your parents’ back yard or want to go to a registry office a la Carrie Bradshaw, do what suits you. Just make sure you have the appropriate footwear to match with your location!


 The Rings

Apparently we’re now living in a time where diamonds are out and every other type of coloured stone is in, when it comes to rings. Gold bands are being swapped for platinum, silver, rose gold, whatever you desire – it’s your time to be extremely creative. It’s also becoming increasingly more the done thing to pick an engagement ring together, as a couple, rather than waiting for your beau to surprise you. In terms of producing the rings during the ceremony, couples are choosing everything from page boys to their family dog to carry the precious bands down the aisle. From owls swooping in with them to magicians conjuring them out of the best man’s ear, there is always a special and unique touch to add on the day with practically anything – even if it is the rings!

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