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The Ultimate Guide: 50 Wedding Theme Ideas

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Our good friends over at Strictly Tables and Chairs has put together this fabulous ultimate guide of 50 wedding theme ideas for us to share. We are listing our favorite top 10 here:

Enchanted Forest

Getting married in the middle of the forest is perfect if you want to add a little bit of “Disney” to the proceedings. Hang carnival lights and chandeliers to tree branches, and use a generator to keep it all nicely lit. When you’re dining, dress the tables with bowls of pine cones, white stick candles and natural finger-food such as nuts and berries. Keep the theme in mind when you’re furnishing the dining area by using wood finished tables and chairs.

A Little Canopy: Rustic Fairytale Forest Wedding


Imagine having a wedding where everyone looks like the characters from Grease. If you want to turn up in a hot rod and have a playlist of rock ‘n’ roll classics, then you can’t go wrong with a rockabilly theme. Use stainless steel tables and chairs with the classic red and white checked patterning for that “American diner” vibe. If you really want to get creative, use vintage vinyl records as place mats and serve some alcoholic milkshakes.

Boho Weddings: Rockabilly Weddings


The steampunk subculture has become increasingly popular over the years and would certainly make a unique wedding theme. The style is modelled on Victorian and Edwardian attire, but with the fusion of futuristic technology and accessories. For an authentic steampunk vibe, mix vintage wooden tables with modern stainless steel chairs; tell the men to wear tophats, women to wear corsets; and don’t be afraid to play some heavy industrial music on the stereo. If your guests have any doubts, just tell them it’s Victorian themed and they’ll fit in perfectly.

Ruffled Blog: Steampunk Weddings

Swan Lake

The swan lake theme uses many elements of the traditional wedding, but with a clear division between white and black. Long, flowing dresses characterise the style. Make sure you play music from the ballet on your playlist, perhaps even hire a small orchestral band for the night. Pure Wedding Index is an excellent resource if you’re looking for a musical act. Keep colours to a minimum using pale neutrals so it doesn’t overthrow the black/white aspect and divert attention from the theme. Feel free to mix and match black and white tables and chairs to really accentuate the boldness.

Wedding Obsession: Black Swan Inspired Wedding Photoshoot


Turn your wedding into a party for everyone with traditional carnival themed décor, popcorn machines, candy floss and live shows. Imagine how fun it will be having clowns, magicians and dancers mingling through the crowds and entertaining people. Don’t forget to dress for the occasion. Perhaps a more colourful wedding dress would be more appropriate for this theme – red, yellow, or maybe even a combination of the two.

Sugar and Spice: Colourful Carnival Wedding Theme


If you’re a keen dancer compile a selection of disco classics from Michael Jackson and the Bee Gees. Decorate your venue with disco balls and make sure you have a light display filled with bold, bright colours. The disco theme is perfect if you want to get everyone boogying on the dance floor as quickly as possible. With this theme feel free to go over the top; hire disco-style light panelled flooring to get everyone in the mood from the second they enter.

One Wed: Disco Theme Wedding


White weddings have a very dream-like appeal. They are easy on the eyes and perfect for any time of the year. The rules are simple, just keep everything white. This includes the tables, chairs, candles, flowers and cake. While an all-white dress code is by no means a necessity, it will give your wedding a more fairy-tale image. White wedding garden parties under a large marquee are often a favourite among those who opt for this style.

Fantasy Sound: Blue and White Theme


Flower Power

Transport yourself back to the sixties with a flower power themed wedding. Forget about material goods – all you need is friends. Make flower necklaces and crowns for your guests, keep the dress code casual, and get some Hendrix and Joplin cranked out on the stereo. Throw away all of the traditions, the hippie culture was founded on social and political views that don’t conform to the norm. Just be yourself, have a good time and spread the love.

Happy Wedding Wishes: Friendly Hippie Vintage Wedding


There’s nothing more manly than the wild-west. If you’re thinking about having your wedding in a barn, a western feel will be easy to accomplish. Use hay bales or picnic tables for your seating to give your venue the “ranch” feel that’s been featured so many times in the golden years of Hollywood. Get all your guests to dress up like cowboys and cowgirls, play some traditional country and western music, and have a bit of line dancing to make the night a party everyone will remember.

Trendz Event Planning: Calgaery Stampede


The daring burlesque theme is dark and sensual, bordering on both the Gothic and rock ‘n’ roll themes. If you take this direction make sure you have a fairly relaxed dress code. Many of your guests may not be comfortable showing a bit of skin. Black and red are the most prominent colours. Decorate with long drapes and red rose centrepieces to give it that “showtime” atmosphere.

Amber Roy Wedding Events: Burlesque Themed Wedding

Make sure you visit Strictly Tables and Chairs to see all 50 of these fabulous wedding theme ideas!


source: Strictly Tables and Chairs

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