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Unsure About Hiring A Wedding Planner? Here’s Your Answer

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Unsure About Hiring A Wedding Planner? Here’s Your Answer - get inspired at

Preparing for a wedding is exciting and tumultuous at the same time. The moment a wedding date is set, a flurry of activity begins. You will be required to juggle a lot of things. Way more than what you suspect now. From the moment you get up till when you hit the bed, exhausted and drained, you will constantly be on to something or the other. Your phone will ring consistently and people will be consulting you endlessly.

And while investing in a wedding planner may sound like a good idea on the face of it, it can also be expensive. Not to mention women routinely pull off excellent wedding ceremonies on their own. But this is about whether you can do it or not, and that will depend in the main on: your personality type; how you handle pressure; how you handle conflict; your expectations from your wedding ceremony; and your support system.

Let’s take a detailed look at these factors and by the end of this post you will have your answer whether you want to hire a wedding planner or not.

1. Your personality type

Not everybody likes the thought of fast-paced activity, looming deadlines, contacting people, networking round the clock, running to and fro between buildings and locations, and in the process even forgetting having their meals on time.

We aren’t referring to a high-flying corporate job here, though planning a wedding isn’t a lot different from it.

Some women thrive under pressure and get a kick out of getting things done on their own. They love a good challenge and turning in a performance that exceeds everybody’s expectations. Multitasking is their forte. In fact, they are born jugglers. They don’t forget a thing and are self-driven and goal-oriented, while maintaining an enviable calm about them. Since they feed off of such challenges, they can survive planning their own wedding and end up looking gorgeous instead of depleted on their wedding day.

If you are one such woman, more power to you!

On the other hand, if you love peace and quiet, prefer to savor your morning coffee than gulp it down on the go, and hit the snooze button on weekends for your much important beauty sleep, you are going to need help, especially if the wedding isn’t too far away. To learn what kind of help you need, refer to point 5.

2. How you handle pressure

Just to give you a trailer of what lies ahead, planning one’s own wedding involves managing the following (among many more things):

• Fixing a budget
• Deciding the venue
• Drawing up a guest list
• Deciding on guest accommodation
• Deciding the theme (if any) for your wedding
• The decorations at the venue
• The menu
• The caterers to hire
• Hunting for the best people providing the above services
• Negotiating a good price with them
• Designing the wedding cards
• Choosing bridesmaid affordable formal dresses
• Choosing your own wedding dress
• Deciding your look for the day
• Dress rehearsals
• Make-up trials at the salon
• Fortnightly salon trips to prep your skin and hair masks/treatments to get glossy healthy hair for your big day
• If you want to lose weight for your wedding (like everybody else), you would have to join gym/yoga/swimming classes or workout at home, which means dedicating an hour a day at least 5 days a week to that for good results.
• If you are in full-time employment you will be managing all of the above in your spare time and over the weekends.

OK, you can breathe now.

If reading the above felt exhausting and mildly annoying to you, you can probably imagine what would going through it all in a few months’ time (while handling a full-time job) feel like. There will be a lot of pressure and many sleepless nights. And the DIY armies on the Internet will only be able to help you if you have your act together in the first place.

Do you realistically think you can handle it all and still end up looking fresh and shiny on your wedding day, perfectly fitted into that wedding dress of yours

3. How you handle conflict
Yes, we understand it’s your big day, perhaps the day you have been looking forward to since you were a little girl, and that you want everything to be purrfect!

But that does not mean you get very possessive of the ceremony and its preparations because it is your day, and don’t let anybody chip in with suggestions or criticize yours.

There will also likely be conflict with your fiance/parents over how to proceed with the arrangements, not just those whom you have hired. But bear in mind that your loved ones have your best at their heart and that you need to loosen the grip somewhat on the preparations for you to actually enjoy the process.
If you don’t take kindly to criticism, chances are you are not good at handling conflict. Instead of pissing everybody off better leave it to someone who is good at handling such scenarios.

4. Your expectations from the wedding
Do you have Hollywood-like aspirations for your wedding? Or would you be happy with a small and private beach-side gathering, with the focus preferably on good food, drinks, and the scenery?

The bigger the wedding you want, the more of a challenge it will be because of the scope and the logistics involved. Usually those who want extravagant weddings are advised to hire wedding planners because taking care of all the aspects involved in arranging for such a ceremony is too much for a handful of inexperienced people.

To sum up, for a low-key wedding keep your own counsel. For something grand or big, consult the professionals.

5. Your support system

Wedding planning is team work with one or two persons leading the team (which may or may not include you).

If you are thinking of planning your own wedding and leading your team, what does your team look like? Who does it consist of? Do you trust these people? Can you rely on them?

If your parents or siblings are taking charge of your wedding and you have full faith in their decision making and event management capabilities, you need not worry about hiring a wedding planner.

Furthermore, if there has just been a wedding in your immediate family you may be able to recall and tap into that expertise without having to hire a new wedding planner.

Ultimately, planning weddings effectively comes down to the experience and multitasking abilities of those involved. If you think you or your family members possess that, you don’t need professional help. If, however, you are on your own with a few clueless friends for company, and harbor a deep desire for a picture perfect wedding, a consultation with a wedding planner might be in order.

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