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Unveil Your Unique Wedding Style

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The bridal veil has become an involved part of many weddings today. Sometimes the dress is based around the veil. Other times, the veil becomes the topping on the wedding ensemble. There are so many styles of veils it can be hard to decide which kind fits your style, theme, dress, and even venue. I’m here to help you see some of the popular options for brides today, and maybe help you narrow down your options to really find the va va voom veil.

Through her veil
This white trimmed option is a stylish and subtle addition to any wedding ensemble. Photo by Brian Leon via Flickr.

Short and Sweet
Traditional veils are often thought of as long and sleek, sometimes rivaling trains for length. Short veils, though, are becoming increasingly popular. They provide the look of the veil without getting in the way of the hairstyle and bouquet. If you have a dress with an intricate back, or a hairstyle that is marvelous from behind, this could be a good option for you. Short veils drape shoulders, and come in a variety of cuts for the ultimate tie in of unique style.

Blaise Alleyne via Flickr.
A bonus to having a long veil? Great wedding photos with the bridal party. Blaise Alleyne via Flickr.

Long and Luxurious
If you want a veil as long as your dress, there are plenty of options out there. Long veils really help tie an ensemble together as they create magnificent lines along the bride’s face, arms, torso and legs. Lining up with the skirt of the dress, long veils really do scream a bridal look. Long veils can also be a good option if you have a more toned down dress with not a lot of bling, since they provide that extra umph to the ensemble.

Photo by Brandon Jennings, via Jenna on Flickr.
Birdcage veils are a great way to add edge and texture to any bridal look. Photo by Brandon Jennings, via Jenna on Flickr.

Beautiful Birdcage
Birdcage veils are great in many bridal settings. If you have short hair or an updo hairstyle, birdcage veils provide face framing without surpassing the length of your hair, letting your photo-ready hair standout. Birdcage veils also provide texture, which is an awesome addition if you have an understated gown, and an even more enhanced addition if you have an intricately patterned gown, as it ties the two pieces together. Also, if you have an edgy side that you want to incorporate into your bridal look but don’t know how, look no further, as a birdcage veil just might do the trick.

Photo by smilla4 via Flickr.
A mid-length veil can work for any bridal ensemble. Photo by smilla4 via Flickr.

Magnificent Mid-length
If you want more length than a birdcage, but less than a floor length, a mid-length veil may be the option for you. Mid length veils are a great choice if you don’t know how you want to wear your hair yet, or if you don’t know what your accessories will be, since it is versatile enough to not overpower or understate either of these aspects. Mid length veils can be viewed as more traditional than short veils, without reaching to the very traditional long veils.

Picking your type of veil can be just the starting point of the veil process, if you so choose to take it further. Additions and decisions about the veil can include but are not limited to intricately detailed stitching, gems and diamonds woven in, different fabric choices, shades of white or off-white, and many more. Veils are becoming more and more personable, and can be adjusted based on your taste and your theme. Keep these options in mind when picking a veil length and style, as it isn’t necessarily the end of the decision making process for you and your veil. The endless possibilities becoming available for veils is exciting, so make sure to check them all out before deciding on yours!


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