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Wedding Bands: Diamond or Not?

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Many couples fret over whether to have a diamond wedding band or something simpler and less expensive.  There are many factors to consider in making the purchase before the big day. Here are a list of pros and cons to think about when choosing whether a diamond wedding band is right for you.

539_12-21-2014_4_46_39_PMPros of a Diamond Wedding Band

If you are thinking about a diamond wedding band, you are certainly not alone! Diamond wedding bands are extremely popular for couples getting married. There are scores of gorgeous designs to choose from suiting every personality, taste, and price range.

  • Wedding bands that have diamonds are beautiful. A halo or eternity band can be the perfect complement to set off the glow and sparkle of an engagement ring. The sparkle of the diamonds can also bring attention to the finer details of the ring.
  • Having a ring of diamonds surrounding a stone solitaire, whether it is another diamond, or other colored stone, will make the center stone seem even larger!
  • There is often a cost benefit of choosing a diamond wedding band that is made up of a halo of smaller stones around a larger center stone. The final cost of a diamond wedding band can be somewhat less than choosing a center stone with a larger carat weight.
  • The halo of diamonds around a colored center stone can be extremely eye catching and the white of the diamonds can really make the color “pop”!

523_12-20-2014_4_25_13_PMWhile diamond wedding bands are popular and extraordinarily beautiful, believe it or not, they might not work for every couple. Here are some reasons a couple might choose against a diamond wedding band:

  • It can be simply too much. A diamond wedding band does have a slightly larger profile when it goes around the finger.  Some may find it uncomfortable at first, but get used to it over time.   Of course, diamonds are a beautiful expression of love, especially within a wedding band. However, the most important thing is that the person wearing the ring feels comfortable while wearing it.   Choosing a simple wedding band with no diamonds might be best.
  • When doing some types of work, it is a good idea to remove your rings first because the stones might get in the way. A wedding band and engagement set should reflect the personality of the person wearing it. Consider personal tastes and lifestyle before making your final choice.
  • While a diamond wedding band has been a very popular style in recent years, like every other type of fashion, trends can come and go. Simple wedding band and engagement sets are very traditional while wedding bands such as a diamond eternity band might be considered trendy by some. Ask yourself if you are going to love the ring for many years to come.
  • A diamond wedding band can cost more. For couples working within a budget, there are wedding band styles, with diamonds and without, that fit every price range.

Spend some time and decide what type of a wedding band would be a better choice.

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