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Wedding Ceremony: Plan An Event By Choosing The Best Venue

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Wilderness Reserve Suffolk

Choosing a venue for your wedding is a difficult decision. The best venues get booked years in advance and can also cost a small fortune. Even the less popular venues can be expensive and you may find that they do not really offer the experience you were hoping for. Whatever your budget it is important to pick the right venue for your big day; these tips should help:

Have a budget range in mind

This may seem tedious but it is an essential part of the wedding planning. You must know the amount of funds you will have available and the approximate cost of the various parts of the wedding. This will give you a value for the amount of money you have available for your wedding venue.


This part is incredibly important as well as time consuming! You will need to create a list of possible venues which should fall inside your budget; be sure to include some which are outside your budget as you may be able to do a deal with them. Your research should highlight the following points:

  • Name of Venue
  • Location
  • Capacity
  • Availability
  • Type of venue
  • Rates if available online
  • Website address
  • Any restrictions it has
  • Parking
  • Extras and facilities
  • Catering options


Your research should highlight the best venues on your list which tick all your boxes and are, hopefully, within budget. The next step is to assess the cost of the wedding based on specific venues. Transportation costs, catering costs and even decorations can vary according to what is included in your chosen venue and its location. This list will provide you with a good guideline as to which of your preferred venues fall within your budget.

Honest approach

There is no point in keeping a venue on your list which is well over your budget and simply not affordable. However, if the cost is near your budget you may be able to negotiate with them. You should always consider alternative venues such as your backyard, the park or you might even consider cottages in Suffolk, even a local landmark. Just because something is not normally a wedding venue does not mean that it can never be one!

The following points will now help you to narrow your decision further:

  • Is it available when you intend to get married? If it is not are you flexible on your marriage dates? If the answer to both of these is no then you will have to cross it off your list.
  • Capacity – The venue may be capable of holding one hundred and fifty people but this does not mean it is a good venue for this number of people. This is a question you will need to ask when you visit the venue; you may also find useful information in any reviews of the venue completed by previous users.
  • Layout – This is an important factor. Can you visualize the venue working for your wedding and your big day? If the room does not flow nicely or you are struggling to see how the space could work for you then you may need to discard this venue.
  • Location – Consider where the venue is located and how you and your guests will get there. You will need to consider whether you are laying on transport and, if you are, whether it is viable with the chosen location. Equally if you expect everyone to arrive by their own vehicle is there enough parking for everyone?
  • Finally you need to assess whether the vibe if the venue is the same as the vibe of your wedding. This is not an easy thing to assess; you will need to see if the layout and style fit with any theme you have for your wedding. It is also necessary to see if you can decorate the space and how much lighting it has or will need. It is also important to follow your gut instinct!

Once you have used these tips to choose a beautiful wedding venue you can proceed with organizing the other aspects of your special day.

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