Wedding Dessert Ideas

Wedding Dessert Ideas: Teacup Cookies

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– Some Ice cream sugar cones (top 1-1/2 inch);
– Reese’s Miniature Peanut Butter Cups;
– Vanilla cookie wafers;
– Circle pretzels;
– Chocolate frosting (or you can replace it with chocolate pudding, chocolate ganache, etc.);
– Chocolate or vanilla candy melts.

Other things you will need:

– one cup of water;
– one knife;
– zip-top bags (for melted chocolate);
– different kitchen utensils.


1. To avoid the cones from breaking, before cutting them in the middle, tip the bottom of each one in the cup of water up to exactly where you will make the cut then cut the sugar cones to 1-1/2 inches. Before assembly, let the cones dry.

2. Now, take the cookie wafers and separate them, then clean out the filling.

3. Prepare the handles for your little cups by cutting pretzels into two exactly in the middle.

4. Get the chocolate frosting into a zip-top bag and melt it in the microwave. Do the same for the chocolate or candy melts.

5. After you snip off the corner of the zip-top bag with the candy melt, add a little bit of it to the middle of the cookie wafer.

6. Unwrap Reese’s Miniature Peanut Butter Cups and place one on top of the candy melt.

7. Take the ice cream cone and place it on the cup, then fill in the cone with a little candy melt

8. Continue with piping some frosting in the ice cream cone then take the half pretzels, dab them in some chocolate melt and stick them to the side of the little cup.

Source: sheknows

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