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Wedding Gift: Handmade Carnation Dog For Your Wedding

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Do you know a couple that loves their dog? This is a cute wedding gift idea that you could get that couple.  I was searching the archives of Style me Pretty, when I found this super cute wedding decoration for the couple that wants to include their pet but the venue will not allow them to.

Soiree Floral in Nantucket, designed this little doggy special for a bride to surprise her groom.  This is a floral arrangement meant to resemble the couples dog.  Could you see the couple’s faces when they walked into to reception and saw their beloved fur friend, replicated, and sitting next to the wedding cake?  It would defiantly be a unique wedding gift.


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  • I give a gift based on how much I think it will cost for my husband and I to go to the wedding. I do it because I want to make sure that the couple ends up coming out with what it cost to have us there, plus a little extra. (I look at it like it's not really a "gift" if it cost more to have me there). Now it it's an inexpensive backyard wedding, here in the midwest, I think it's acceptable to give something that costs $50 and up. For a ballroom wedding, more like $100. I also look at what my friends gave us when we got married. My friend who is getting married in August gave us probably about $60 worth of stuff. (Our wedding was in a ballroom), but her wedding is in a country club which costs BIG $$$, so I'll probably spend about $100. (She also helped me do some of the grunt work for my wedding). That's just how I do things, but I think if you just give whatever you can afford, and you're happy to be a part of their day, that's the important part.

  • We are having our dogs included in our wedding. When I showed this to my finance he said we have to have one at our wedding table! LOL! Who knew he would go for it!

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