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Wedding Ring Deliverers So Cute We Can’t Bear It

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The main event in most wedding ceremonies is when the bride makes her way down the aisle. Though we can’t argue that this moment is a special one, one that is often similar in sentiment and overwhelming with sweetness is when the rings are brought forward. Ring bearers are often pictured as a 2-3 year old little boy, clumsily making his way down the aisle. This classic choice is one we love, but here are a few others to consider for your big day as well.

Photo by Ben Grey via Flickr.
If the little ring bearer after your heart is a toddler, don’t worry! Go with tradition to make him feel special. Photo by Ben Grey via Flickr.

Traditional Toddler
There’s nothing wrong with going the traditional route of a 2-6 year old boy for the role of ring bearer, especially if the closest little one to your heart fits the description!

Photo by Will Graham via Flickr.
Double the ring bearers, double the fun! Don’t hesitate to include everyone on your big day. Photo by Will Graham via Flickr.

Double Trouble
Don’t think you’ll get enough cuteness with just one ring bearer? Know a set of twins you don’t want to separate? Having two ring bearers is a nice way to involve more people in your big day, and has perks. They can keep an eye on each other (especially if they already know each other), and it can make it less scary for them to walk down the aisle without an adult escort. You could also have double the pillows, which would allow you to put one ring on each if you so chose, or would just make for some nice symmetry. Additionally, having two ring bearers means double the adorable fun!

Photo by John Corey Terveer via Flickr.
An older kid in the ring bearer role provides awesome benefits, like getting himself down the aisle without an attendant or usher. Photo by John Corey Terveer via Flickr.

Mature Man
Though many spouses-to-be choose a toddler or even an infant to be their ring bearer, it could be beneficial to choose an older kid. They are more self-sufficient, which means they may not need as much help down the aisle, and they would be very cooperative in pictures. They also would be able to keep track of the rings without you worrying, which could be a huge plus on a day filled with things to think about. If the special person you want to be your ring bearer is older, don’t let that stop you from putting them in that role, simply because that’s not how ring bearer’s are usually pictured. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to wedding parties, especially if you want to include certain people in roles they may not fit into.

Photo by Jimmy Shag via Flickr.
A graceful young girl makes a great ring bearer. Photo by Jimmy Shag via Flickr.

Miss Independent
Don’t let your special one being a girl stop you from making her the ring bearer. Whether you want a flower boy with your ring bearing girl, or a girl in each position, it doesn’t matter – as long as those closest to you make it in your wedding party. Kids like to feel special and involved no matter which way, so this could be the perfect wedding position to not worry about tradition. You could even give her double duty, rings and rose petals, if you don’t want both a ring bearer and a flower girl.

Photo by Ryan G. Smith via Flickr.
Get your pup picture perfect for his starring role as ring bearer, and you won’t be sorry! Photo by Ryan G. Smith via Flickr.

Man’s Best Friend
Maybe the special one in your life for this role isn’t a child (or even a human) at all! People have been making adorable dogs part of their big day in many ways, especially when it comes to the walking down the aisle rolls. Sometimes, they even get the official wedding party ensemble, complete with an adorable mini ring bearing pillow. This is a great option if you don’t know a lot of kids or don’t know how to include Spot in your wedding festivities. The best part? Since your dog knows you, he will see you at the front of the aisle from the back of the room and want to be with you immediately, making him an ideal choice for precise delivery of the rings.

When it comes to choosing who will be the bearer of your wedding bands, don’t worry about traditional roles – have fun, and let this position be where your individual family shines through!


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