Wedding Ring Ideas

Wedding Ring Trends For 2015

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Rose Gold Diamond Ring 

It’s fair to say than an engagement ring is probably the single most important piece of jewellery a woman will own in her lifetime, symbolising not only love and commitment but a life of excitement and happiness. It’s therefore essential to find a ring that’s as fashionable as it is timeless and can be worn each and every day of marital life with pride.

Thankfully, websites such as 77Diamonds offer a wide range of exquisite rings in an array of sizes, but if you need a little help finding something modern, here are five wedding ring trends for 2015.

  1. Bright, colourful engagement rings

If you’re a traditionalist looking for a beautiful, shiny ring that doesn’t break the mould, a white diamond could be the right option for you. If, however, you’re looking for something a little different that reflects your vibrant personality and stands out from the crowd a fancy centre stone could be more up your street. Blue and pink sapphires are popular this year or you might prefer to opt for a yellow, black or champagne coloured diamond.

  1. Rose gold wedding bands

With so many rings to choose from it can be difficult to know what to go for, but if you’re searching for something a little edgy, be sure to opt for a rose gold wedding band. Not only does this romantic, warm colour look great against almost all skin tones but it’ll help your diamond look extra sparkly – now that can’t be bad, can it? If in doubt, check out the sensational rose gold and diamond engagement ring worn by trendsetter Blake Lively for inspiration.

Heart shaped diamond ring

  1. Heart-shaped engagement rings

When Taylor Kinney proposed to his long-term girlfriend Lady Gaga on Valentine’s Day 2015, she delighted in giving fans a glimpse of her new rock – a ten-carat, heart-shaped engagement ring featuring the letters T and S (T for Taylor and S for Stefani – the star’s real name). People love following in the footsteps of celebs, so it won’t be any surprise to see brides-to-be donning similar rings in the coming months.

  1. Solitaire rings with twisted bands

Solitaire rings are timeless pieces of jewellery that are both sophisticated and classy. The single diamond is typically complimented by a slender metal band, however, twisted bands are becoming more and more popular throughout 2015. While the diamond is still supposed to steal the show, the twist adds a little extra detail for brides that want to spice up this classic design.

  1. Rings with a vintage feel

Whether you love the style of a particular era or are simply looking for a wedding ring that’s different from anything you’ve seen in modern wedding catalogues, don’t miss the range of exciting retro rings on offer. The halo designs tend to have a real Art Deco feel and help emphasise a beautiful central diamond. Some wedding bands are even set with an array of twinkling smaller diamonds for added interest and are sure to look truly sensational on your wedding finger.

There are many different wedding ring designs trending in 2015, but it’s crucial to find something that suits your personality – and if you’re buying for that special someone, to think what they’d really feel comfortable wearing. It’s not a decision that should be taken lightly, but make the right purchase and you’re sure to fill your loved one with delight.


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