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Weddings: When To DIY And When To Ask The Pros

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There are two clans when it comes to weddings: You’ve got the DIY-craft enthusiasts, and you’ve got the clan that believes in the power of professionals. In truth, there is no right or wrong when it comes to your wedding. Most couples choose to mix the crafty approach with the expertise of professional handling, and this is often the favored way to prepare your wedding. While you may want everything to be perfect – and who wouldn’t? – it is also important to make it your own with some DIY. Here’s the best way to combine crafts and experts.


Professional Planning

When it comes to planning your wedding, most couples who have tried organizing everything on their own have had to deal with a lot of stress. With hindsight, most admit that working with a professional destination wedding planner would have made their lives a lot easier. So don’t make the same mistake and rely on the expertise of professionals to get everything sorted out, from your venue to your registration as a married couple.27890663032_4cfd749c26

Professional Catering

There is no denying that you can be a fair cook, but there is also no point preparing the entire buffet for your wedding guests. Small parties might rely on relatives for the meal and the wedding cakes, but if you are planning a ceremony with more than a handful of guests, you should look for a professional catering solution.



DIY Invitations

If you can plan in advance, it is quite fashionable to send DIY wedding invitations, as these are more personal and engaging. Most guests will be likely to accept the invitation of a hand-crafted card, while mass printed invitations can be declined more often in average. While there is nothing wrong with luxury printed wedding invitations, this is the sense of care that guests will recognize in custom-made cards. Whether you choose to add a colorful stamp to an already printed card, or you make the envelop to your cards, you will soon find that the response will be a lot more positive. Additionally, if you are picking specific colors for the invitations, make sure to keep the theme throughout the party too!

DIY Decorations

If your preparations leave you with sufficient time, you could add a little DIY charm to your wedding party with handmade glitter jar vase for the tables, or maybe with a DIY photo booth. There are plenty of craft options for the celebration, and you can surely find something that matches your skills and personality. As a rule of the thumb, most guests appreciate a DIY thank book for them to fill during the party.

Bridal Dress

The minds are divided about the bridal dress. While you can find some helpful tutorials online, it isn’t something that you should try unless you are very confident with a sewing machine. The choice of the dress is naturally a difficult one, but the best way to approach it is to visit bridal boutiques and discuss with professionals your wishes and visions for your special day. They have an eye for style, and they can tell you which cut and color will work best on you.



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