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What Does the Bride’s Solah Shringar Comprise Of ?

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Solah Shringar alludes to the ritual whereby the Indian bride is embellished from the top of the head to the toe in sixteen kinds of adornments, covering almost every part of the body

A bride is supposed to be a wedding’s star; you just cannot attend a wedding without checking out how the bride is dressed up and all the gold that she has worn for her special day. The bride’s solah shringar is the most important thing for her which transforms the bride from an ordinary girl to a beautiful woman ready for matrimony. We list the sixteen essential accessories that are the bride’s jewels on her wedding day~

1. Wedding Dress
Nothing can be more important for a bride than her wedding dress. It could be a lehenga, sari or a well-embroidered suit or gharara. One can easily find the most beautiful looking dresses for one’s wedding and rock the wedding with designer clothes.

2. Hairdo
It has become a trend these days to have a lovely hairdo or Keshapasharachana for the bride which is then decorated with gold accessories to make the bright look lovely on her wedding day.

3. Maangtika
After the bride’s hair is made up, she is adorned with a gold maangtika which is worn in the middle parting and settles upon the forehead like a crown. It is one of the most beautiful accessories that the bride wears on her hair and makes the hairdo stand out.

4. Sindoor
The kimat of sindoor cannot be ascertained as it signifies how important a woman’s marriage is to her. It is worn in the middle parting after the woman gets married for her husband’s long life.

5. Bindi
The bindi which is worn on the forehead is yet another symbol of a married life. It is essential for a married woman to adorn her forehead with a bindi and sindoor.

6. Kajal
Kajal or anjana, as it is called, is worn by the bride to enhance the beauty of her eyes. It is traditionally prepared to ward off evil and let the kajrare nayan throw the hearts of the admirers swirling.

Karn Phool
7. Karn Phool
An earring provides instant beauty to the bride’s face. Earrings are one of the most essential accessories for a bride and are usually made of gold. They are heavy but very beautiful.

8. Nath
A peacock-style nath or a traditional round nath is also a part of the bride’s solah shringar and is worn on the nose with a string which is attached to the hair.

Necklace and mangalsootra
9. Necklace and mangalsootra
A bride’s shringar is incomplete without a beautiful necklace on her neck. Brides spend a lot of time and money on finding the right necklace for themselves as it also becomes the family heritage which will be passed from one generation to the other.

10. Mehendi
A bride’s hands and feet are adorned with henna and it is considered as one of the most appealing decoration of the bride. The name of the bridegroom is hidden in the design and it also forms a part of the wedding ceremony where the groom locates his name in the mehendi.

11. Bangles
Bangles, usually red, signify the suhag of the bride. Bangles highlight the beautiful hands of the bride and are also essential for the decoration of the bride.

12. Rings
The bride wears various rings on each finger. Beautiful rings can be bought in various designs and sizes. You must have noticed Jodha’s rings in the film Jodhaa-Akbar. See, what rings can do to your hands?

13. Baajuband
Baajuband are worn on the upper part of the hands and appear somewhat like bangles. The rajasthani designs are very popular in the case of armlets.

14. Kamarband
Highlight your curvy waist that has consumed so much of your time and efforts with a beautiful gold kamarband. The kamarband, worn above the lehenga or sari, highlights the thin waist of the bride to give her a proportionate look.

Payal and Bichhuas
15. Payal and Bichhuas
Anklets in gold or silver are worn on the ankles along with a pair of bichhias or bichhuas on the toes to make the bride’s feet look glorious.

16. Ittar
A bottle of traditional ittar infuses warmth and fragrance into any relationship and is enough to turn everyone’s attention towards the bride.

The bride is considered to be the reincarnation of goddess Laxmi and the solah shringar is a part of this adornment. Solah shringar transforms the bride and gives her a surreal look which inadvertently grabs everyone’s attention.

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