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10 Amazing and Creative DIY Wedding Centerpieces

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Planning a wedding can be outright stressful. As much as possible, you want it to be memorable, unique and yet, carefully-budgeted. Wedding preparations do not have to be extravagant. The important thing is to put a personal touch even with the smallest detail for your wedding.

DIY wedding centerpieces give character and serve as a reflection of your personality. It shows your sense of style and artistic skills. This type of centerpieces can make a huge difference in the entire appeal of your reception. All you need is some inspiration and easy-to-find materials without having to break your budget.

Martha Stewart Centerpiece

There are many different do-it-yourself wedding centerpieces that you can choose from. Gather up all your creative skills and get ideas from these amazing choices:

1. Simple Flower Arrangement

One of the best options for a DIY wedding centerpiece is to keep it simple. You can never go wrong with a simplicity {see photo above}. This way, you are sure that you don’t overdo the decorations. A simple, yet classy design adds elegance and light ambiance during your wedding reception.

2. Vintage-Themed Flower Arrangement

Another popular DIY wedding centerpiece is the vintage-themed flower arrangement. This is best for outdoor wedding reception. A vintage theme is a sure winner when it comes to wedding details. It’s classy and gives a certain elegant atmosphere in the celebration.

Martha Stewart Centerpiece

3. Rustic Logs Centerpiece

Make use of old tree trunks which you can easily find in your backyard. These trunks can be cut into small pieces and serve as a base for the flower arrangement. You can dig out holes in the small logs and insert flowers in the middle. You can add floating candles to accentuate the rustic-inspired DIY wedding centerpiece.

4. Fruit and Flower Accent Centerpiece

If you want something fresh and natural, you can go with the fruit and flower accent centerpiece. You can easily get fresh fruits from the local grocery and
order flowers that would go with the fruits. Place some water in the jar to keep the fruits and flowers, fresh all throughout the wedding reception.

5. Flower and Candle Combination

Flowers and candles often go together in wedding reception tables. But, you can give it a personal touch by using tall glass. Place the candles inside the tall glass and make use of string leftovers to tie the flower outside the glass. Make us of a saucer with some water as a base for the glass and to keep the flower fresh.

6. Color-coordinated Fruits and Vegetables Centerpiece

Another DIY wedding centerpiece is to place color-coordinated fruits and vegetables in your reception. Try slicing some lemons, lime or oranges and place them in a crystal jar with water to keep them fresh. Incorporate some green leaves such as lettuce, celery stalks and add in some flowers.

7. Dessert Centerpiece

This is commonly used for wedding celebrations during the holidays. Use your dessert as a wedding centerpiece. Holiday-inspired wedding centerpiece is very easy to do because all you have to do is go with the season. If you are celebrating your wedding during the Christmas season, you can bake some red velvet cake and place some poinsettia flowers to add color in the centerpiece. You can also make use of some candles to light up the table centerpiece.


8. Tissue Box and Flowers

Recycle empty tissue box as a vase to place the fresh flowers for your wedding centerpiece. You can wrap the tissue box with newspaper and paint it with your color preference. You can wrap a ribbon around it, then arrange the flowers in the tissue box hole. This is very easy to do and definitely budget friendly.

9. Water Bottle Centerpiece

If you want to do away with the traditional flowers and candle, try using the water bottle as a centerpiece. You can collect clear water bottles and arrange them beautifully on the table. This can also serve as the table number. You can paint the number or make use of colorful art papers to stick on the bottle.

10. Pinwheels

Make use of youthful icons such as the pinwheel. Feel young once again with these childlike centerpieces. Add some color and achieve a playful atmosphere by using these DIY wedding centerpieces.

DIY wedding centerpiece is just a matter of reusing old things and reviving them creatively. You can have an elegant, creative and vibrant DIY wedding centerpiece without hurting your wallet. Which one is your favorite?


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