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11 Beautiful And Inspiring Wedding Invitations

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When it comes to planning a wedding, there’s an absolutely insane amount of things to think about, plan, and arrange.

Trust me, I’m speaking from personal experience here!

Not only do you have the big, obvious things to arrange, such as the choice of venue, honeymoon, and choice of attire (yes, I’m referring to the gargantuan task of choosing a wedding dress!), there’s a bunch of little things that end up taking copious amounts of your time, too.

I’m talking about seating arrangements, catering, and of course, the design of your wedding invitations.

Personally, I must have spent days seeking out inspiration for my own wedding invitations, during which time, I came across some pretty beautiful examples.

So, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane, sift through my bookmarks once again, and put a list of my all-time favourites together in a nice blog post for you guys.

#1 – Martha & Dan (In the Woods)

source: | Ian Collins

Martha and Dan have designed an absolutely beautiful wedding invitation here, which comprises of a number of different aspects.

Not only do you have a beautifully designed envelope and invitation (which has a beautifully crafted “Join us in the woods” cut out), but there’s also a nifty guide included in the package, too.

The guide offers a quirky introduction to some of the many animals you find the woods, all of which have been illustrated to perfection in line with the overall look and feel of the invitation.

There’s also a cool little map, too.

#2 – Aaron & Chase (Join Us Under the Trees)

source: | Chase Kettl
source: | Chase Kettl

While paper/card might be the traditional choice for a printed wedding invitation, that’s far from the only material available to you, as this stunningly crafted invitation from Aaron and Chase illustrates.

Clearly, the material of choice here is wood. The invitations aren’t printed, but instead, completely carved out of thin pieces of wood.

The result is absolutely stunning, yet you can be sure it took a crazy amount of effort to get right, especially for the number of guests that attended!

You can also bet that these invitations weren’t the cheapest to produce!

#3 – Rachael & Mike (The Official Guide to Tying the Knot)

source: | Urban Influence

Rachel and Mike really pulled out all the stops with this invitation, as they chose to publish an entire short book, rather than a one-page invitation.

The book is entitled “The Official Guidebook to Tying the Knot” and not only is it incredibly well designed, but it’s also absolutely adorable, too.

Inside, there are a number of chapters, including a reference guide for tying the knot, which offers an illustrated guide to tying an actual physical knot, plus a “wedding day survival guide”, which offers advice regarding liquor consumption, amongst other things.

It’s about as light-hearted as it gets, which is perfect.

#4 – Kristen & Loren (You Are Invited)

source: | Loren Klein

Kristen and Loren went for a unique concept with this wedding invitation, as it actually portrays a timeline of their time together, designed in the form of an infographic.

More specifically, it illustrates when their two lives came together (August 20th 2000) and also, the day on which their wedding will take place (August 20th 2011). Yep, it’s the same date, just 11 years apart.

There’s also a cute Venn diagram, which looks absolutely stunning thanks to the letterpress print style of the invitation.

The invitation was actually designed by Loren himself, which makes it all the more special.

#5 – Nicole & Michael (Minimalistic)

source: |
source: | Nicole McQuade (Ziegler)

Sometimes, simplicity is the way forward, and this beautifully simplistic wedding invitation from Nicole and Michael certainly illustrates the idea of “less is more”.

It’s a largely black and white design, with red used to highlight important points (e.g. the date and time of the wedding itself). Despite the lack of colour, though, it’s an absolutely gorgeous invitation, thanks to the incredible use of typography throughout.

It uses three different typefaces, yet they all compliment one another and don’t clash in any way. Typography also helps draw attention to the important points (i.e. the names of the couple).

#6 – Jen & Kevin (Balloon)



Kevin and Jen have crafted a unique, yet also stunning, wedding invitation here, which actually features a deflated red balloon.

On one side, the invitation offers a few details regarding the event, yet it primarily focuses on the nature of the event, along with the accommodation; it doesn’t offer any details regarding the date, time or reason for the event (hint: it’s a wedding).

To get access to this information, the recipient has to inflate the included balloon, as the details are printed on the balloon itself.

It’s quirky, fun, and definitely unique, much like the couple themselves.

#7 – Lois & Chris (Tie the Knot – Literally)

source: Tie The Knot by Christina Moralego

Lois and Chris are yet another opting for simplicity in their wedding invitation, but I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s one of the coolest designs ever created.

The entire design revolves around the concept of “tying the knot”, yet the invitation itself takes a literal approach to this age-old saying.

As you open up the invitation, you notice a piece of red, elasticated rope attached to each side. The rope features a loosely tied knot, and as the recipient opens out the invitation, the knot becomes tighter.

So, quite literally, their guests are helping the couple to tie the knot.

#8 – Kim & Jack (View Master)

source: | Elana Dweck
source: | Elana Dweck

Kim and Jack may have created the most epic wedding invitation of all-time here, as it includes a special gift.

The invitation arrives as a package, and inside, each recipient receives an actual View Master. Not only this, but there’s also an included reel, which includes a number of photos of the couple that are only viewable through the View Master itself.

The package also includes all information relating to the event, which is beautifully printed.

It’s definitely one of the most creative wedding invitations I’ve ever come across.

#9 – Mollie & Andrew (Nine10Eleven)

source: | RoAndCo Studio
source: | RoAndCo Studio

Mollie and Andrew’s wedding invitation appears as more of a fully formed brand than a standalone wedding invitation, which is because that’s exactly what it is.

Believe it or not, Mollie and Andrew’s wedding actually doubled as the launch of their own charity, formed on behalf of their children. It’s for this reason that the wedding invitation features the “Nine10Eleven” branding (i.e. the name of the charity).

It’s a beautifully crafted invitation, and there’s certainly a lot of elegance in the simplicity of the phrase “You should join us”.

#10 – Ricard & Marta (Chocolate Box)

source: behance. com | Bildi Grafiks
source: | Bildi Grafiks

Marta and Ricard’s wedding invitation is more of a gift than simply an invitation, as it’s also a stunningly crafted box of chocolates.

In fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was nothing more than a box of chocolate at first glance, as there’s absolutely no mention of a wedding in sight.

But, as you start chomping your way through the contents of the box, you see a number of letters being revealed beneath each chocolate.

When you get to the end of the box, you notice that the letters actually spell out all the details of the event, including the date, time and location.


#11 – Hysook & Hyun (Union)

source: behance. com | Hyun Auh
source: | Hyun Auh

Hysook and Hyun have really taken minimalism to a new level here, and the result is perhaps the most elegant wedding invitation I’ve ever seen.

Inside, the invitation features the date and other important information relating to the event, and on the back, there’s a super-minimalistic map (showing the location).

The front is where this design really stands out for me personally, though, as it features a beautifully crafted letter “H” (the letter both of their names begin with), and nothing else.

I hope the above examples of printed invitations give you some inspiration, once we had designated ours we used a company called fast print who also turned them around for us in record time.



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