Wedding Drink Ideas

15 Signature Cocktail to Serve At Your Wedding

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Wedding is a dream come true event for groom and bride. It is the most affectionate and memorable day for them. To this journey they also want to add extra punch of decoration and food to make this wedding day a big and unique. We have rounded up one of the signature cocktail recipe and ideas to add “Wow” factor in the wedding party. Fruity yet spicy live streaming of cocktails is on the go to make the coolest drink party guests ever enjoyed before. It is most fun loving idea to enjoy the live cocktail and raise the glass for the happiness around the time. Here are the cocktail recipes, enjoy making it.

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1-Lemongrass Ginger Martini

1/2 oz. Hangar One Kaffir Lime vodka,1/2 oz. lemongrass tea,3/4 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice,3/4 oz. simple syrup, 1/2 oz. vanilla vodka, 1 tsp. peeled, diced fresh ginger, 1 piece candied ginger for garnish, Wine glasses to serve.

Mix all the ingredients and shake well before use. Now decorate wine glasses edges with a piece of candid ginger. Strain cocktail and serve in the wine glasses. The coolest fusion is ready to give an excited kick of after-taste in mouth.


For the hottest still cool Tangerini cocktail is ready to give unexpected spice in mouth. Try this recipe using 1 oz. tangerine schnapps, 1 oz. vodka, Tangerine juice and martinee glass for serving. For the royal drink mix all the first three ingredients and strain the Tangerine. Now serve in martini glass and sprinkle the orange/tangerine peel (optional).Honeydew-Ginger-Gin-Fizz

3-Honeydew Ginger Gin Fizz

A sweet and spice Fizz is a best alternate for the guests who don’t drink vodka. Go with 2 parts gin 1 part fresh honeydew juice ,1 part yuzu juice or fresh lemon juice, 1 part iced green tea, 1 part ginger beer, Generous bunch of mint, and candied ginger for crystallized ginger, wine rock glasses. Pour the brewed green tea and Honey dew juice into an ice filled container and add roughly chopped mint leaves in it. Now shake it well in the beer growler or milk shake container. Shake till the mint leaves don’t pulverize and foam doesn’t occur from the container. Strain and serve chilled in the ice filled rock glass.The-Knottie-Martini

4-The Knottie Martini

The naughty Knottie Martinie is the cooling and soothing drink to cool the burning stomach. For in1 oz. Bacardi Superior Rum, 1/2 oz. blue curacao, 2 oz. pineapple juice and pineapple slice for decoration. Mix all the ingredients into air tight container and shake it well. See the foam is appeared on the glass, quickly strain it serve blue Knottie in the Martini glasses.
Royal-Wedding-Punch 5-Royal Wedding Punch

Beefeater London Dry Gin, Dubonnet, pomegranate juice, lemonade, Angostura bitters. First start with mixing two parts of fresh lemonade, 2 parts of beefeater London dry gin, 1 part of pomegranate juice and at the end serve a Angosutra bitter for a special kick. For extra fruit punch pour roughly chopped mint leaves, pomegranate seeds. Serve with freeze lemon and orange wheels and serve chilled.Spiked-Chocolate-Milkshakes
6-Spiked Chocolate Milkshakes

It is a quick recipe easy to make and serve. First blend ice crème and then slowly add rum and Kahlua and at the end process mix club soda. When there is a milkshake it must be decorated with espresso beans and shaved chocolate. You can also use cut dried fruits like kishmish, pistachio if you wish. Get the short high ball glasses, or short glasses serve with theme colored straw.Homemade-Limoncello

7-Homemade Limoncello

Limoncello is citrusy sweet used to pour in the cocktails. limencello can be made before six months and preserve to serve the super tart can be mixed in the chilled water or cocktails. For making this you just need to marinate the lemon peels in the vodka for few weeks. Pour lemon peels in the vodka bottle and let it get acidic flavor for few days. When you find the acidic touch strain the vodka syrup and pour the sugar syrup inside this. Now preserve it in the air tight glass bottle. One of the easiest cocktail recipes is ready to serve in glasses with soda and ice cubes, garnish with lemon peel.The-White-Cosmopolitan
8-The White Cosmopolitan

Standard White Cosmopolitan cocktail is ready to serve chilled live with this live recipe. get 2 parts vodka, 1 part St. Germain, 3/4 part white cranberry juice,1/2 part lime juice and mix it well and shake well till the foam don’t come out. Strain the cocktail mix and serve chilled with soda or ice cubes. If you wish you can also pour the dainty orchid to get the beautiful color and fresh sense. Or serve chilled with Orchid petals.The-St-Germain-Cocktail

9-The St. Germain Cocktail

Get the crystal clear Germain Cocktail and serve chilled with club Soda. Make available parts brute Champagne, part St. Germain, rose petals and club soda and most important classy Collins glass. Get the Collins glass fill it with ice cubes, first pour champagne and then St. Germain and now let them dance with club soda and finish garnishing with rose petals garnish.French-Gimlet
10-French Gimlet

Spicy Vodka is made to balance the alcohol with citrusy spice. French Gimlet is a cocktail to complete the cocktail bar. Get fresh lime juice, St, Germain and double part of Gin or Vodka and shake well in the ice filled growler. If you want you can also add cool mint leave for extra punch. Strain it properly and serve in the chilled martini glass with lime peel or lime slice.Cuzco-Fizz
11-Cuzco Fizz

Muddle and mix the grapes first into the growler or mixing container and follow with 2 parts Pisco, 1 part St. Germain, part fresh squeezed lime juice and mix it vigorously in the growler and strain the Cuzco fizz. Pour club soda into the Cuzco fizz and dance 5 to 6 whole grapes into the ice filled Collins glass.Cucumber-Vanilla-Martini
12-Cucumber Vanilla Martini

Get fresh cucumber, coarsely chopped mint leaves, lime juice, vanilla cognac liquor, simple syrup. Vigorously move it up and down in the cocktail shaker. Strain into plastic container. Choose high ball glass or martini glass with ice cubes and serve chilled with Cucumber slice or peel.Apple-Pie

13-Apple Pie

Garnish the apple pie in the cocktail table to give the fusion of apple flavor in the Vodka. Get apple pie slices from the market, 2 fresh apple slices, lemon juice, vodka, agave nectar and mix it well in the cocktail tin. Use the apple shot glasses, high ball glasses or martini glasses to strain and serve chilled, topped with red apple slice.Key-Lime-Pie
14-Key Lime Pie

A perfect mix and drink lime pie cocktail is to give the refreshing treat. Get vanilla vodka, key lime liqueur, pineapple juice and crème and pour into the milk shake container or cocktail container. Full it half and shake upside down vigorously. Once all the ingredients blended properly, get it serve in wine glass, martini glass chilled in the freeze. Garnish with lime or pineapple wedge and serve immediately.Pomegranate-Martini
15-Pomegranate Martini
Add the twist of pomegranate into vodka and make the classy cocktail, serve in the frozen martini glass. It is easy to follow, be it using Cointreau, Pomegranate fresh juice, lime juice shake well in the cocktail shaker. You can also mix crumbled graham crackers for rim, vanilla flavored vodka to get the intense flavor. Serve in the chilled wine glass or martini glass with pomegranate seeds or top the glass with lime wedge.

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