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4 Naked Wedding Cake Ideas for Rustic Weddings

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Mini cake with celebration sparkler

Naked wedding cakes are all the rage right now. These confections go light on the icing in order to let the inner cake show through. Whether you opt to simply go easy on the frosting or prefer to keep the edges completely bare, the simplified look is a perfect match for rustic weddings. Ahead, find four naked wedding cake ideas that you can put to use for your rustic celebration.

Dark and Light

A naked wedding cake may not have much icing on the edges, but piles of rich frosting between each layer of the cake will hold the sweet treat together and add to the flavour. For an eye-catching design, alternate dark layers of cake with mounds of light-coloured buttercream icing.

For example, round Target bakery cakes for any occasion come in multiple flavours. To create a striking contrast for your wedding treat, opt for a dark cake flavour, such as chocolate or red velvet. The earthy brown or deep red tones will not only look remarkable when paired with layers of white buttercream filling, but they will also match nicely with the rustic shades of a shabby chic wedding scheme.

To tie the whole thing together, consider adding some drips of topping down the side of the dark-and-light cake. For example, a chocolate or caramel drizzle that tumbles over the sides of the cake adds an extra layer of sweetness and contributes to the homegrown look of a rustic naked cake.

Mounds of Berries

Brown wooden table with naked cake with chocolate and berries, cookies and tarts. Candy bar. Studio shot.Nothing is quite as reminiscent of a country summer as a sweet, ripe strawberry bursting with juice. To go right along with this idea, one of the top trends in naked wedding cake ideas is decorating with berries. One way to add a burst of fruit colour to your cake is to mix smashed berries right into buttercream and pile this sweet filling between each layer of cake.

For a look that will remind guests of bushels just bursting with fresh-picked berries, opt to pile whole strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries on and around your cake. Graduated layers of cake will leave plenty of space to top each level with a generous scattering of ripe berries.

Another option that leaves plenty of room for piles of farm-fresh berries is to elevate each layer. Rather than resting one layer on top of the next, use supports to lift it up. In the open space, cast a colourful spread of rich summer fruits. With multiple elevated layers, you’ll have a tall, stately naked cake that can be seen from even the farthest corners of the reception hall.

Barely There Frosting

One of the top looks in rustic decorating is worn-away paint like you’d find on a scraped-up piece of furniture or an old barn wall. Achieve this same look with your wedding cake by decorating it with just a hint of frosting around the edges. The secret to getting this look is to spread frosting over the top and sides of the cake like normal. Then, scrape away most of the icing from the sides of the cake so just a touch remains. The cake will show through more in some spots than in others, which will give the confection a trendy, rough-worn vibe.

After paring down the frosting on the sides, some icing should come off the top too. You’ll want a little more left up there than on the sides, but overall, this naked cake will have less icing than a traditional wedding cake. The barely there frosting will blend just right with your rustic wedding decor.

Flowers and Other Flora

naked floral cake

When the icing is not the star of the show, there’s plenty of space for other cake decorations to take main place, and for a rustic wedding, flowers and leaves are just the tickets. Floral accents add colour, beauty and a touch of nature to your cake. It’s a look that works for both an indoor or outdoor wedding.

Just remember that not all flowers are edible. Your best bet is to decorate your cake with silk flowers so there will be no worry about whether the flora will contaminate your food. If you’re set on real ones, always turn to an expert baker who knows which types of flowers and greenery are food-safe. As an extra measure of caution, use a layer of waxed paper to separate the plants from the cake.

When you are planning a rustic wedding, try out one or more of these naked wedding cake ideas for a star confection that goes right along with your event decor. To blend in with your shabby chic theming, a naked cake might look simple; the taste, however, will be anything but elementary.


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