5 ‘Flowery’ Tips For An Unconventional Wedding


Weddings are getting more out-of-the-box as couples are getting inventive with their special day. Very recently, a couple got married with an impending wildfire and then had an unforseen post wedding photo shoot in its backdrop!  Well, if their wedding can become the talk of the town, so can yours. The question that looms large is…how?

I would suggest that you do nothing new if you are running short of time and make use of the available resources and tweak them to your advantage. Let us do something with the blooms as they are an immensely versatile option and allow endless variations to render any wedding unconventional. The guide to doing the same is presented here:

Shun the traditional floras:

Lilies, Roses, Orchids, Daisies, Peonies …all these flowers have been done to extremes at every wedding that I have attended. People, if you want an unconventional do, take a break from these hackneyed options and go bold by choosing atypical ones such as Poppies, Primroses, Anturiums, Cherry Blossoms and even Lotuses for decorating the tables, the aisles or even the bridal bouquets. Throw in some attractive leaves and go for asymmetrical arrangements (Ikebana anyone?) and you will be good to go. You also have some great sites such as Pinterest for inspiration.

Include them in your invites:

Wedding invites are one of the things that clearly depict the taste of the couple. Take this opportunity to make your invites as alluring as you can by using dried flowers. A great idea would be to select invites made from handmade papers, which have dried flowers and leaves as their constituents. They will look quite elegant and add an old-world charm to your wedding, taking many of your guests down the memory lane. Go through this wonderful collection of invites to know what I am raving about.

Add them in your wedding favors:

Your wedding favour can be anything ranging from popular memorabilia to DIY jars or anything that shows your geeky side. Now when you decide which favors you will have in your wedding, make it a point to select some popular flowers to accompany them. If you want to go really quirky, you can opt for tiny planters with various flower seeds packets in it as your wedding favor. I am sure your guests will be delighted at the prospect of getting a ‘very floral surprise’ as wedding favors!

Try artificial ones:

Who said that you need to spend all your bucks on real flowers only? I mean is it written somewhere as a rule of the thumb? Why don’t you settle for some dainty artificial ones that look as good if not worse than the real ones instead! There are options galore and you can even get them customized according to your preferences. You simply need to make the effort to find the best firm that supplies these faux flowers in bulk and sign a contract with them.

Additionally, try adding some embellishments such as pearls, artificial gemstones and even fairy lights and you will get an invincible floral decoration. Just let your creativity flow and everything will fall in place.

Flowers, flowers everywhere:

Photo booths are a common trend in many weddings. Combine this trend with flower power and you can have double the fun on your day. Have some floral backdrops in the booth and add props that consist of flowers as well. Think of flowery scarves, corsages, hats, sunglasses, jewelry, headbands or anything else that you can arrange. If the booth is spacious, you can even arrange for a floral seat to get some amazing clicks!

Wrapping it up

So, these are some of the ways you can tweak the use of flowers and go for an unconventional wedding that becomes the talk of the town. I hope that you will surely find them useful and try them out. Do let us know your experiences through your comments.

Author Bio:  Carol is associated with Alltimeflowers.com, amazing web store for silk flower arrangements for your wedding, home and much more. She would like to explore her creative ideas for home decor in her spare time.

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