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9 Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes Brides Must Avoid

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So, you’re getting married? It’s quite an exciting time, isn’t it? We know what you’re looking forward to more than anything else - shopping for the perfect wedding dress! The dress that’ll stay in people’s minds forever and ever. The dress that will make you look like a trillion dollars. But where can you find such a dress? And gosh, there isn’t all that much time, is there?

So many questions, so much nail-biting; it’s all part of shopping for the perfect wedding dress. If you’re worried about picking up the wrong dress in all the hurry, take a deep breath and calm down, and read our list of wedding dress shopping mistakes to avoid.

1. Shopping with Your Mom and Mom-in-Law

That is a straight no-no. Remember, unless your mom and mom-in-law are close friends, they will probably never agree on a dress. When you’re shopping for your wedding dress, you want to be with people who help you stay focused and positive. Take your best friend or sister along, and be sure to limit your shopping company to 2 to 3 people, not more. People’s advice will be helpful, but having too many people around means your needs and preferences won’t get top priority.

2. Forgetting or Ignoring Wedding Dress Budget

When you’re shopping, let the salesperson know exactly how much you’re willing to pay and simply refuse to view dresses beyond that price. Sometimes salespeople will try to tempt you with more expensive pieces just to up their commission, leaving you confused about your choice and priorities. Also, your dress may need small alterations, which could cost more money. Factor this additional cost into your budget. Also, include all expenses related to the wedding accessories such as jewelry, shoes, specialty undergarments, veils, and more in your budget.

3. Being Tense and Negative

We understand it’s your wedding and how you look on this special day is extremely important to you. However, the point is to be happy throughout the entire process, whether it is planning, shopping, trials, or just giggling around with your gal pals. Don’t try to be a perfectionist. Don’t pressure yourself to find either only the perfect dress or none at all. Be ready to make comprises and look at the whole thing positively. Your stress can spoil the wedding for your man and your entire entourage.

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4. Forgetting You Have to Walk

Even though it’s your wedding, you still have to walk, dance, and move around until your feet hurt. Don’t compound the discomfort by selecting lovely, but extremely uncomfortable shoes. Also, practice walking in the shoes you have selected. Get the shoes broken in a little bit so they’ll feel comfy on your wedding day.

5. Wearing the Wrong Undergarments during Trial

The right specialty undergarments do a lot for your figure. They help the dress fit just right on your special day. So, when you’re shopping, be sure to wear the undergarments you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. If you wear regular stuff, you may not get the fit right and the dress might not look its best on the big day. If you like, get two sets of the same specialty underwear and keep one set pristine for the wedding. Use the other set when you go dress-shopping. How’s that?

6. Ignoring Wedding Dress Shapes Believing They Won’t Suit You

We all feel that dresses in only certain shapes suit us and others do not. If possible, have a wedding dress shopping consultant guide you on dress shapes. The most important thing is to ensure that you are wearing the gown and not the other way around.

7. Wearing Different Shoes When Shopping for the Dress

Always buy your wedding shoes before you pick up your dress. Wear them or a similar pair when shopping for the dress. You want to get the length of the dress just right with the ideal shoes. If the heel is too high, the store may need to increase the hem of the dress. If you wear flats when shopping for your dress but decide to wear heels on your wedding day, you may end up wearing a short wedding gown.

8. Going Shopping with No Idea of What You Want

Before going shopping, check out the latest trends in matrimonial dresses in wedding magazines. Observe celebrity wedding gowns and take notes. Know what you want, but be flexible as you never know what gem may turn up in the next magazine. Be wary of price ranges before you hit the stores.

9. Getting the Timing Wrong

Don’t go shopping for your wedding dress until all the other details are settled. For example, mind the design and the theme of the wedding venue, the date, the décor and bridesmaids’ dresses when you’re shopping for your dress. Wearing a beaded flowing georgette dress at a beach wedding where the wind may blow real hard can prove to be a disaster. Avoid shopping for your gown too soon or too late. The perfect time to shop for your wedding gown will be when you’re ready with everything else and you know exactly what you want.


The errors that occur when shopping for the perfect wedding dress can ruin your mood later on. Remember to think of the dress trials as pre-wedding fittings. Don’t wear mismatched underwear because if the dress is sheer, you’ll become a laughing stock. Also, don’t judge a dress by the way it looks on the hanger. Our bodies are different, so what may look great on a hanger might look awful on you and vice versa. Experiment with untried silhouettes and keep an open mind.


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