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Add Some Personal Touches to Bridesmaids Gifts


Posted by Kym

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pink and black gift bags

Creating items for your wedding can be an ideal path to take, especially if you’re on a budget. One popular way to save money, for instance, is to create your own silk flower arrangement as an inexpensive alternative to fresh flowers. Not only can handcrafted items like this be less costly, they allow you to customize each decorative element of your wedding.

Luckily, the same holds true for bridesmaid gifts. With some time and a bit of creativity, you can make the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. As well as helping you stay under budget, handmade gifts can be yet another way to add to meaning to your special day.

Personalized Picture Frames

When it comes to lasting memories and celebrating your cherished day with a friend, a personalized picture frame captures the spirit of the day. Engraved frames can get pricey, but a DIY picture frame is a personal gift your bridesmaids can keep forever. Moreover, the customized possibilities are endless allowing you to create the perfect gift for each of your closest friends.

Use a soldering gun to engrave your names with the date of the wedding or include a quote or phrase that has special meaning to you and your friends. Also, include a personal message behind the picture you choose to include. You can choose an unlikely material such as pine for an outdoorsy friend or shells for a nautical theme. The beauty of customizing your own frames is that each frame can fit your friends’ individual tastes.

Even less-than-crafty brides can excel here by purchasing pre-made crafting kits or decorating a pre-made solid-colored frame. For brides that want to build their own frames all that is needed is a small screwdriver, unique wood and a few decorative items.

Homemade Bath Scrub with Personalized Bottles

Tips from Eat Drink Chic make DIY bubble bath bottles a possibility. With only a frosted bottle, cork, and homemade bath scrub, you can create a cute and functional gift that celebrates the momentous occasion. These, too, are customizable. Using a computer, you can design and print your own labels! To tie your gift to the wedding, incorporate details from your invitations on the bubble bath labels.

Decorative Flasks

Want to give your bridesmaids something they can use the before the wedding? Surprise your bridal party with flasks filled with their favorite drink the night of your bachelorette party! Purchase the simplest model from a local store and add rhinestones of your friends’ favorite colors! If you are feeling extra crafty, you can even add a monogram with different colored rhinestones for each girl. If your friends are up for a good time, this might be the perfect DIY gift for them!


Another mainstay, a piece of jewelry can easily be transformed into a personalized, heartfelt gift for your bridesmaids.

CraftFoxes.com outlines a couple of unique jewelry possibilities. One involves a locket, with a simple and sweet note inside. In the future, the bridesmaid could trade it for a picture of the two of you in the wedding. Another involves letter charms made with cold clay and acrylic paint. Whether you want to purchase a jewelry kit or try your hand at being crafty, this is another great gift.

Keep in mind that you could always use a number of ideas together. Mix and match to find the perfect way to say thank you to your bridesmaids. Whatever you choose to do, remember that handmade is always more personal and less expensive. Don’t fear if you aren’t usually creative, craft stores now make kits to help you get the ball rolling!

{GB - Guest Blogger} Maire loves to craft as well as write about her crafting experiments! She has been in more weddings than she can count, and she always creates a handmade gift for the happy couple. When she isn’t busy woodworking, painting and sewing, she blogs on behalf of Sears and other brands she trusts.



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